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June 2021 Land Transactions

June 1

Steve Bell to Christopher Gonzalez, Warranty

BJS Inc. to Charles Talley, Warranty

Glenda Vandiver to Scott Simpson, Warranty

Linda Allen to Martin Pascual, Warranty

Rhonda Hester to Joseph Barksdale, Survivorship

June 2

Cathy Meek to Daniel Lindsay, Survivorship

Chase Goode to Rafael Valle, Survivorship

Danny Adams to Danny Adams, Survivorship

Kurt Rogers to Jamie Young, Survivorship

Gail Evans to Anthony Roberson, Warranty

June 3

Gregory Allen to Mark DeArman, Warranty

Filly Moore to Nakisha Martin, Quit Claim

Eddie Britton to William West, Affidavit

Darryl Reeder to Two Lakes and Cattle, Affidavit

Jennifer Wilson to Two Lakes and Cattle, Warranty

June 4

Laura Quinn to Luther Quinn, Quit Claim

Franklin County Newspaper to Randy Lindsey, Warranty

Carrie Saint to Laura Smallwood, Survivorship

Franklin Bishop to Orval Seay, Warranty

Judith Morlan to Michael Morlan, Warranty

June 8

Kimberly Martin to Cornerstone Associates, Warranty

Darrel Riley to Shawn Partain, Warranty

Rodney Baker to Allenby Alarcon, Survivorship

Deborah Farris to Deborah Farris, Executor’s

Grace Baptist Church to Ricky McGee, Warranty

DJMT LLC to Maria Francisco, Warranty

MGEL LLC to Maria Francisco, Warranty

Danny Fisher to Luis Hernandez, Warranty

Karie Raburn to Thomas Thompson, Warranty

David Welborn to Rachael Riley, Warranty

Joseph Gallagher to Richard McGinnis, Warranty

June 9

Freddie Hovater to Christina Juan, Warranty

Herbert Thompson to Wade Humphres, Warranty

Jeffrey Bolton to Carl Cummings, Survivorship

June 10

Antonio Jose to Miguel Mateo, Warranty 

Barbara Daw to Chris Borden, Survivorship 

Barbara Daw to William Lane, Survivorship 

Jan Evans to Shannon Smith, Warranty 

Anthony Chaney to Cody Mina, Warranty 

June 11

Randall Wright to Andrew Fulford, Warranty 

Ken Blankenship to Jerry Mayfield, Warranty 

Curtis Isom to Curtis Isom Living, Trust

Curtis Isom Living to Kimberly Davidson, Warranty 

David Cochran to Michael Atkins, Warranty 

June 14

Zachery Engle to Robert Patrick, Warranty 

June 15

Barry Cleghorn to Zachary Prince, Power of Attorney 

Bridget Cleghorn to Zachary Prince, Power of Attorney 

Alvarado Mattox to Wendy Figueroa, Warranty 

June 17

Debra Alexander to Bailey Thompson, Warranty

Robert Clemmons to Leslie Slater, Warranty

June 18

Greg Bowling to Nancy Bowling, Warranty

Doris Camp to Jeannine Weaver, Warranty

Doris Camp to Sherry Thrasher, Warranty

Doris Camp to Michael Camp, Warranty

Russell Kimbrough to Carmeline Juan, Warranty

Stefan Sparks to Adam Tyler, Warranty

June 19

Roy Strickland to Delaine Strickland, Power of Attorney

Gary Mann to Gary Mann, Survivorship

Sheree Canida to Chris Cooper, Corrective

Jose Palma to Jose Palma, Quit Claim

Terry Rogers to Trent Rogers, Warranty

June 21

Catherine J. Lynch to Doreen M. Patterson, warranty

Carolyn Mae Green to Kelly Green Holland, survivorship

June 22

Robert Emerson to Joyce Emerson, Power of Attorney

Robert Whitten to Jessica Smith, Warranty

Curtis Baker to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Rock Bridge Lodge LLC to Alabama Power Company, Easement

David Baldwin to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Timothy Ozbirn to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Ernest Pratt to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Lorie Pennington to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Seth Brown to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Jason Murray to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Robert Pannell to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Chris Mayfield to Alabama Power Company, Easement

William Hammond to Alabama Power Company, Easement

James Plaxco to Michael Plaxco, Quit Claim

James Plaxco to Jose Sanchez, Sale Contract

Daris Wells to Dustin Pate, Survivorship

Eddie Beason to Jennifer Ikerd Bragell, affidavit

Gregory Parrish to Gustavo Ramirez Simon, warranty

David R. Grissom to Jackson Avenue Holdings, warranty

Mark McNatt to Bret Gist, warranty

Lisa Belinda Williams to Kenneth Alan Williams, warranty

Gregory Parrish to Paulino Cienfuegos, warranty

Gregory Allen to Mark Dearman, warranty

Ronald W. South to Venesa Larey South, executor’s

June 23

T&P Family Properties to Marietta Wood Supply Inc., timber

Donald Gandy to Elaine Gandy, quit claim

Karen McCullough to Patrick Saint, Warranty

June 24

Richard D. Davidson to Tina Davidson Cochran, warranty

Wayne Garrison to Lyle Garrison, warranty

Mary Ellen Wells to Bruce Elwood, warranty

Mary Ellen Wells to Bruce Elwood, warranty

Diego Andres to Yolanda Patricia Manuel, warranty

William Elkins Mather to Roger Cornelius, warranty

June 25

Kenneth J. Norton to Karen S. Mays, warranty

Jason Charles Parker to James Charles Hizer, survivorship

Jaime A. Valdez to Nelson Joel Godoy Pena, warranty

Maria Luisa Cermeno to Nelson Joel Godoy Pena, quit claim

Claude Urich to Melissa Meyer Hatthcock, power of attorney

Shelley E. Adams to Peter L. Huseman, survivorship

Tammy Oliver Taylor to James Lawrence Taylor, survivorship

Roger D. Wilson to Thomas Lee Page, survivorship

June 28

Regions Bank to Shaun Shephard, warranty

Town of Vina to Chris Cantrell, warranty

Jose Andrea Cortez to Darren Steve Woodruff, warranty

Larry S. Cox to Andrew Lewis, survivorship

Janet Hester to Victoria Lane, survivorship

June 29

Tebra Morgan to Nathaniel Lee Trussell, warranty

Neal King to Jermaine Grace, warranty

William Ryan Lane to Kevin Aaron, warranty

William Ryan Lane to Jolee McNees, warranty

Priscella Ann Graham to Bridget L. Reeder, warranty

June 30

Charles Edward Talley II to Keith Edwin Moffitt, warranty

Charles Edward Talley II to Charles Edward Talley II, warranty

Rodney Stephen Jones to Rodney Stephen Jones, quit claim

Lesley Bradford Massey to Grace Baptist Church, quit claim

Brenda Wright to Cheryl Nix, power of attorney

Mildred Croble to Raegan Darracott, survivorship


Russellville Elementary students celebrate Board of Education Appreciation Month


BTCPA stages ‘Bad Year for Tomatoes’

Franklin County

County takes needed steps to continue broadband expansion


Russellville High School holds Community Partnership Breakfast to connect with community


Sign up now for youth rec sports through March 1


Russellville club names Bob Seeley Civitan of Year

Franklin County

New year brings official end to concealed carry permit requirement

Franklin County

Schools recognize Franklin County Board of Education


Book Lovers Study Club submits 2022 reports


RHS alum receives Keller Key at UNA

Franklin County

Cattlemen convene for annual banquet

Belgreen Bulldogs

Belgreen hires football coach for fledgling program


City approves temporary fire department promotions

Franklin County

Commission decides to request bids for elevator maintenance


Whimsical window art brightens RPL

Belgreen Bulldogs

Belgreen gets football coach

Franklin County

Martin Luther King commemorative march takes place in downtown Russellville

Franklin County

New district attorney swears in

Franklin County

Cattlemen’s Association prepares for annual meeting


Russellville Public Library director speaks at Book Lovers meeting

Franklin County

Vina native returns to hometown church to share her story

Franklin County

Couple continues annual Christmas jail ministry


City officials reflect on old year, look toward new

Franklin County

MLK march returns to Russellville this year, set for Jan. 16