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Grant funding means good things for Franklin County

In recent weeks we’ve gotten to share some big news about grant funding for different purposes in Franklin County. From arts programs in our schools, to broadband for our rural areas, to bolstering local business and industry, grant funding means some exciting things for our people and our communities.

We just want to share our excitement that Franklin County is the beneficiary of these funds.

When grant funding, whether from the state or federal government or from a nonprofit organization, provides resources like new technology for our students, like Chromebooks or other devices for their regular use, we can see how far those dollars go. They don’t just buy a computer. They buy the opportunity for expanded education. They buy a path forward for our kids, who will one day be our adults.

It’s a similar story no matter what grant we’re talking about. It’s not just about a new nature trail, or access to internet, or music classes, or improved infrastructure.

It’s not about these things in a vacuum; rather, it’s about the many ways these improvements will benefit us and provide for a better future.

Our thanks to those who made these grants possible. Our congratulations to those who pursued and achieved these grants, as well as to all those who will benefit from their implementation. And truly, when we live together in community – it’s all of us who benefit in one way or another.