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RCS Summer Slam features throwback musical numbers

With so many events requiring special accommodations or being canceled completely in 2020, Russellville City Schools is “looking back” for this year’s Summer Slam and giving those COVID-affected shows their chance in the spotlight.

Summer Slam will start at 7 p.m. May 25, with $5 admission.

“We have done stuff before where we have done a year in review performance, but this will be different because it will be all of the performances they were unable to have,” explained RCS choral director Emily Rush.

The show will feature ballads from “Sleeping Beauty” and “Aladdin,” which were shows scheduled for spring 2020 but canceled because of COVID-19. It will also feature throwbacks from throughout the year, such as Christmas songs and Halloween favorite “Thriller.”

“That is always a big deal for our students to get to perform every year,” Rush said. “We were able to have those shows through recording them, but now we are giving them a chance to perform on stage.”

Summer Slam will also feature a few new pieces students have learned.

The musical event will feature the middle school and an opening performance from the students who participated in show choir camp.

“These are things either no one has gotten to see or has only gotten to see through a camera,” Rush said.

Rush said she and the students are excited to perform for a live audience and showcase the material the students have worked on all year.

“This year, you plan to have to make accommodations if you are even able to perform at all,” Rush said. “To get to have these performances here at the end is an emotional thing.”