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April 2021 Land Transactions

April 1

Eral Paden to Joan Paden, Power of Attorney

William Carden to William Carden, Warranty

April 2

Michael Barnett to Hayden James, Survivorship

Ronald Burgett to Todd Johnson, Survivorship

Amy Rhodes to Larry Haithcock, Survivorship

Corey Adams to Brittany Adams, Quit Claim

Magen Sparks to Maleny Gallardo, Survivorship

April 6

Laila Jager to Jose Medorio, Warranty

Town of Vina to Allen Raper, Warranty

Regions Bank to Fairchild–Mohr Minerals, Mineral

Federal National Mortgage to Vantage Point Title, Power of Attorney

Jana Branch to Mikan Kerby, Warranty

April 8

Mateo Ramirez to Constantino Jimenez, Warranty

Quality Land and Timber to Daniel Mason, Timber

Billy Hopper to Tracey Fretwell, Survivorship

Daniel Pace to Kerry Hester, Survivorship

Carl Hobbs to Barry Cleghorn, Survivorship

Barbara Young to Timothy Horton, Survivorship

Scott Jones to Matthew McCollum, Warranty

April 9

Marilyn Gasaway to Angela Hutcheson, Power of Attorney

Manuel Gasaway to Marilyn Gasaway, Power of Attorney

Watkins Property to Wilson Bank & Trust, Assignment

Chen Yu to Panda Buffet, Warranty

June Pounders to Barry Campbell, Survivorship

Jason Miller to Gregory Parrish, Warranty

Judy Wright to Judy Wright, Warranty

Paul Smith to CB&S Bank, Foreclosure

Martin Jackson to William Bray, Warranty

Amberly Bell to Christian Edwards, Warranty

April 12

Jim Jackson to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Elissa Martin to Maribel Diaz, Warranty

Shirley Prestage to Alan Hardin, Survivorship

Bobbie Whitlock to Trina Rhea, Warranty

April 13

Aubrey Terry to First Baptist Church, Warranty

Murl Berry to Cashion Weatherford, Executor’s

The Money Source to The Secretary of Veterans, Warranty

Araceli Miranda to Maria Miranda, Warranty

April 14

Mike Fleming to Van Pierce, Quit Claim

Gerald King to Gerald King, Warranty

Nan Nelson to Nan Nelson, Warranty

MSM P Inc to Lecil Thomas, Affidavit

Richard Thomas to MSM P Inc, Warranty

April 15

Owen Warhurst to Gregory Vandiver, Warranty

Cody Wooten to Miles Bentley, Warranty

Greene Acres to Nickolas Hicks, Survivorship

Gregory Wade to Domingo Cifuentes, Warranty

Teresa McKee to Wanda Colburn, Warranty

Falconwald LLC to Quality Land and Timber, Timber

Quality Land and Timber to Peoples Trust Bank, Timber

April 16

Theresa Cantrell to Ross Hill, Warranty

David Rhudy to Mark McKellar, Survivorship

Stephanie Oliver to Mark Alsip, Warranty

Carlos Creekmore to Mary Creekmore, Power of Attorney

April 19

Charlotte Dolan to Charlotte Dolan, Administrator’s

Dellie Clark to George Bryant, Survivorship

Derek Purser to Denise Galloway, Warranty

Paula Britnell to Jessica Latham, Warranty

Gernest Weeks to Michael Crawford, Survivorship

James Gandy to Caleb Mitchell, Warranty

April 20

Eddie Wren to Jodi Nethery, Survivorship

Yvonne Parker to Carol Dunsmore, Power of Attorney

Shirley Hollimon to James Underwood, Warranty

April 21

Jason Lane to Jeremy Lane, Warranty

Jason Lane to Jason Lane, Warranty

Jason Lane to Tammy Taylor, Warranty

Owen Swinney to Owen Swinney, Tax

Edward Townsend to Mike Horton, Tax

Gary Miller to De Mcguire, Tax

Gary Johnson to Lee Hacker, Tax

Sibley Oil Properties to Aldo Echeverria, Warranty

TP Family Properties to TVA Community Credit, Warranty

Joshua Bostick to Colby Lancaster, Survivorship

Julie Gargis to Richard Willmarth, Affidavit

Lucy Wilson to John Thorn, Survivorship

Jack Etzler to Frances Brown, Warranty

Wanda Colburn to Heather Hernandez, Warranty

James Glasgow to James Glasgow, Quit Claim

April 22

Nelda Pounders to George Hutto, Tax

Barry Rhea to Lester Amory, Warranty

Mildred Overton to David Hicks, Tax

April 23

Dinah Gresham to David Cox, Guardian’s

Page Housing to Dracelia Brooks, Warranty

April 27

Freddie Poe to Eric Poe, Warranty

Lee Hacker to Mountain Express Oil, Quit Claim

Lillie Tucker to Jason Parker, Warranty

Maddox Investments to Hopkinsville 10 Unit, Statutory

Hopkinsville 10 Unit to Sevier County Bank, Assignment

Joseph McCaleb to John McCaleb, Warranty

John McCaleb to Joseph McCaleb, Quit Claim

Sarah Mayfield to Anthony McKee, Survivorship

Patsy Smith to Maria Mojica, Warranty

Hometown Lenders to Sherry Swindle, Affidavit

Derek Abbott to Shelia Palmer, Warranty

Kenneth Jones to Luis Diego, Survivorship

Johnny Pennington to Pennington Farms, Warranty

Jeffrey Masterson to Luke Baker, Survivorship

Amy Scott to CB&S Bank, Affidavit

Delia Rojas to Francisco Cotoc, Warranty

Joseph Kuykendall to Randy Locke, Survivorship

Edwina Berry to Charles Sherwood, Warranty

James McKinney to Martin Hester, Warranty

Rodolfo Renteria to Bank of New York, Deed

Bank of New York to Newrez, Power of Attorney

April 28

Jose Sanchez to Gariel Cacatzun, Sum

Sandra Crouch to Jake Ward

Alberto Corado to Keith Wilson, Tax

Rosa Hollingsworth Estate to Keith Wilson, Tax

Jeffrey Gibson to Keith Wilson, Tax

Dave Hacker to Keith Wilson, Tax

Eva Bank to Keith Wilson, Tax

Sonya Brooks to Keith Wilson, Tax

Luther Jackson to Keith Wilson, Tax

April 29

Alice Garrison to James Nelson, Sale

Karen West to Eric West, Warranty

Kenneth West to Kenneth West, Survivorship

Vernon Hood to Polly Burcham, Affidavit

Vernon Hood to Michelle Adams, Warranty

Bernard Campbell to Tony Whisenant, Survivorship

Sindy Martin to Joseph Hensley, Warranty

Pamela Daniel to Nich Ahmed, Affidavit

John Aycock to Connie Fleming, Warranty

Ana Castillo to Kevin Daz, Survivorship

April 30

Berl Martin to Tammy Flanigan, Power of Attorney

Claudia Ochoa to Cindy Jimenez, Sale

Charlotte Willis to William Lane, Warranty

Joanne Fuller to Stacy Clark, Warranty

Sammy Hall to Jamie Hall, Warranty

Melody Ferguson to Diane Miller, Executor’s

Michael Hester to Leo Hale, Warranty

James Delong to Laura Ellis, Survivorship

JID Inc to DAW Golf, Warranty


BTCPA stages ‘Bad Year for Tomatoes’

Franklin County

County takes needed steps to continue broadband expansion


Russellville High School holds Community Partnership Breakfast to connect with community


Sign up now for youth rec sports through March 1


Russellville club names Bob Seeley Civitan of Year

Franklin County

New year brings official end to concealed carry permit requirement

Franklin County

Schools recognize Franklin County Board of Education


Book Lovers Study Club submits 2022 reports


RHS alum receives Keller Key at UNA

Franklin County

Cattlemen convene for annual banquet

Belgreen Bulldogs

Belgreen hires football coach for fledgling program


City approves temporary fire department promotions

Franklin County

Commission decides to request bids for elevator maintenance


Whimsical window art brightens RPL

Belgreen Bulldogs

Belgreen gets football coach

Franklin County

Martin Luther King commemorative march takes place in downtown Russellville

Franklin County

New district attorney swears in

Franklin County

Cattlemen’s Association prepares for annual meeting


Russellville Public Library director speaks at Book Lovers meeting

Franklin County

Vina native returns to hometown church to share her story

Franklin County

Couple continues annual Christmas jail ministry


City officials reflect on old year, look toward new

Franklin County

MLK march returns to Russellville this year, set for Jan. 16


Council approves additional funding for Cramer Children’s Center