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How are you welcoming spring this year?

Let’s back up a few weeks and talk about the newspaper’s special spring section.

Every year, I think, “What stories can we feature this year that aren’t just a regurgitation of past years?” I’m determined to keep this section fresh, to highlight different people and stories across Franklin County that will help us welcome the spring season and banish the gloomy days of winter.

We’re two and a half weeks into spring now, and I hope you have had a chance to peruse this special section we published March 17.

I have to say, it was inspiring for me personally.

I loved learning about fairy gardens, for one. This was an unfamiliar idea to me, but what a fun and special notion. Now, every time I walk through the Dollar General, I notice the display of fairy furniture and other accoutrements for purchase – and one of these days I’m going to scoop up a few and make my own fairy garden a reality.

Did you read Dianne Pace’s birding tips? I had the privilege to visit her recently and see her beautiful outdoor spaces – wow! I won’t lie; I felt pretty ashamed of my own pitiful landscaping efforts. On the other hand, that just means I have plenty of space to grow and improve. I would love to one day boast a backyard haven like Dianne’s.

Speaking of havens, did you see those gorgeous front porches? That’s another area where I personally have some room for improvement. So many porches in Russellville just welcome you to walk right up, with their cheerful colors and comfortable seating areas. I want to bring that kind of welcoming atmosphere to my front door, and I definitely will be learning on Katernia Cole-Coffey’s advice for making it happen.

From healthy recipes to gardening pointers, this year’s spring section was just chock-full of springtime goodness. I hope you got the chance to enjoy it and found some inspiration for welcoming spring.