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March 2021 Land Transactions

March 1

Alberto Francisco to Henry Merida Garcia, Warranty

Gary Swinney to James Kimbrough, Warranty

JID Inc. to Irby Land LLC, Quit Claim

Chris Brown to Aberdeen RV Center, Affidavit

Eva Humphries to Dallas Gilliland, Affidavit

Aberdeen RV Center to Jacob Barnette, Survivorship

Gary Stancil to Andra Crowe, Warranty

March 2

Franklin County Board of to Samuel Porter, Covenants

Zachary Prince to Alisha Posey, Warranty

March 3

John Pruitt to Lee Jamison, Warranty

Milton Timmons to Sean Landry, Survivorship

Raymond Timmons to Sean Landry, Survivorship

Reliable Rentals to H Caldwell, Warranty

Roger Parrish to Jodie McDaniel, Warranty

James Hagood to Marisol Antunez, Survivorship

Jason Thomas to Freddy Escobar, Survivorship

March 11

Fannie Mae to Brendan Mullen, Warranty

Jackie Fleming to Hayden Fleming, Survivorship

Randy Cooper to Mark Murray, Warranty

Gary Swinney to Lorri Kimbrough, Survivorship

Paula Britnell to John Britnell, Warranty

Stanley Ange to David Grissom, Warranty

March 12

Stanley Twilley to Tara Yarbrough, Warranty

Adolfo Ruiz to Ruiz Properties, Quit Claim,

Ralph Fuller to Kathy Nichols, Warranty

Johnathan Lowery to Brooklyn Yancey, Warranty

Christopher Seahorn to Patricia Osborn, Warranty

Jackie Hutcheson to Bailey Lowery, Warranty

Ruby Mays to Brian Williams, Warranty

Christopher Habig to Jordan Boyles, Survivorship

James Morgan to Timothy Mardis, Survivorship

Billy Fuller to Belen Paniagua, Warranty

March 15

Frances Forsythe to Whitney Cole, Survivorship

Sharon Hester to Benjamin Hardin, Affidavit

Tambra Traynom to Galon Baker, Warranty

Margaret Moreland to Susan Vick, Power of Attorney

March 16

Roger Cassel to William Cassel, Quit Claim

March 17

Benson Guyton to Judy Guyton, Trust

Benson Guyton to Judy Guyton, Warranty

Erik Fuller to Lila Fuller, Warranty

Sandy McCoy to Rodney Strickland, Survivorship

March 18

Gina Inmon to Cheston Inman, Quit Claim

Barry Moore to Mickey Gentry, Resolution

Edie Hester to Maria Tomas, Sale

Derek Lewis to Alan McNeil, Warranty

Michael Lane to Steve Harbin, Quit Claim

March 19

Roger Cummings to Drake Lawson, Contract

David Upton to Janet Myers, Survivorship

Bobbie Little to Carl Weeks, Survivorship

Maricela Felipe to Angelina Francisco, Warranty

Raymond Horton to Chris Wallace, Warranty

March 22

George Senkbeil to Vickey Horton, Power of Attorney

William Jones to Heath Jennings, Survivorship

Barbara Wade to Paul Humphres, Survivorship

Kristi Dempsey to Terry Dempsey, Quit Claim

March 23

Mabel McNutt to Rayburn Rogers, Warranty

Gary Stancil to Andra Crowe, Warranty

Carolyn Stepp to Mistie Humphres, Survivorship

Brenda Calderon to Michael Sewell, Quit Claim

Betty Feagan to Betty Jayne Feagan, Warranty

March 24

Franklin Bishop to David Ward, Warranty

Boyd Parker to Fredy Rodas, Survivorship

Thomas Williams to Lloyd Williams, Warranty

Connie Green to David Ward, Warranty

Elsie Newell to Steven Smith, Warranty

Thomas Williams to Lloyd Williams, Contract

Connie Green to David Ward, Warranty

Elsie Newell to Steven Smith, Warranty

Bobby Patterson to Tiffin Motorhomes, Affidavit

Robinson Deed to William Robinson, Affidavit

The Glenda G. Glisson to Larry Greenway, Warranty

Bobby Wise to Freddy Argueta Escobar, Warranty

March 25

Julian Glass to Derek Abbott, Warranty 

Glen Mardis to Weyerhaeuser, Timber

Christopher Kimbrough to Martha Kimbrough, Power of Attorney

March 26

Thomas Williams to John Williams, Warranty

Bryan Vandiver to Mary Bryant, Survivorship 

Tony Whisenant to Andrew Jones, Warranty

Ginger Wade to Loancare, Foreclosure

Thelan Lacey to Blake Bendall, Survivorship 

David McGraw to Charity Wallace, Warranty

Barbara McConnell to Jason Miller, Survivorship

Marvin Ergle to Michael Frost, Warranty

Lori Underwood to Louise Underwood, Warranty

March 29

William Bryant to The Money Source, Foreclosure 

Ann Fleming to Ann Fleming, Warranty

Martha Newton to James Hester, Power of Attorney 

Aldo Echeverria to Janie Baldwin, Corrective

Jackie Hutcheson to Bojoe Young, Warranty

March 30

De McGuire to Alejandro Martin, Quit Claim

March 31

Stan McDonald to Emily Davis, Affidavit

Patsy Bates to Kevin Horton, Survivorship

Christopher Wallace to Jose Sanchez, Warranty

Brittany Morton to Floyd Durham, Affidavit

Leslie Flanagan to Floyd Durham, Affidavit

Mary Durham to Mary Durham, Warranty

Andrew Spry to AgAmerica Lending, Affidavit

Michael Sewell to Russellville Rental, Warranty

Franklin County

Republican primary run-off election for county commission seats takes place April 16


Historic Roxy Theatre celebrates 75th Anniversary with upcoming entertainment

Franklin County

PROGRESS 2024: Veteran Spotlight – Mark Dunbar

Franklin County

Franklin County makes seven drug trafficking arrests


Why Knot car show cruises into downtown Russellville


Get free weather radio at VFDs

Franklin County

PCHS FBLA hosts Little Miss Dream Girl Pageant

Franklin County

PROGRESS 2024: Veteran Spotlight – Johnnie Pounders


Sam Warf: From Tennessee to the White House and beyond

Franklin County

PROGRESS 2024: Veteran Spotlight – Mousey Brown


Russellville First Baptist Church receives historical marker

Franklin County

PROGRESS 2024: Meeting a higher standard – Russellville High School JROTC


RCS BOE announces new superintendent  


Miss Dream Girl Pageant names winners

Franklin County

First Metro Bank hosts FAME Girls’ Ranch donation drive


PCHS holds annual Shelby Grissom Memorial Fashion Show

Franklin County

PROGRESS 2024: VFW Post 5184 – ‘No One Does More For Veterans’


Supporting students’ futures


Red Bay Garden Club discusses amaryllis planting

Franklin County

UA announces local students for fall 2023 President’s, Dean’s, graduation lists


School news

Franklin County

PROGRESS 2024: Veteran Spotlight – Troy Oliver

Franklin County

Appropriations bill passes, allots more than $3 million for new Russellville library/multipurpose center 

Franklin County

Franklin County Cattlemen’s Association names Cattleman of the Year