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Sheriff dog to receive donated vest

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, and soon a Franklin County man’s best friend will be better protected while on the job.

Mambo is the drug dog with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, and he will be receiving a K9 bulletproof vest courtesy of Vested Interest in Canines Inc. and Survival Armor.

“It means everything to know we are getting a vest for him,” said K9 Deputy Billy Burks. “I wouldn’t want anything to happen to him, just like I wouldn’t want anything to happen to anyone else I work with.”

Mambo, who has been a member of the FCSO since October 2020, is expected to receive his new vest in mid-May.

“Working with him brings a whole new perspective to things,” Burks said. “He is my partner, and I love him.”

Burks said he applied for the vest by submitting information on Mambo, the job he is doing and photos of him.

Burks said the sheriff’s department has had vests for canines in the past, but Mambo is much smaller than previous canines, so the other vests do not fit him.

“It will be nice to know he has his own vest to keep him safe,” Burks said. “A lot of times, with the job he is doing, you never know what you are going to be in contact with.”

Burks said in addition to the vest, a double pack of Narcan was also donated for Mambo, which Burks said is a big deal.

“He is the one who is directly in contact with a lot of this stuff, with his nose in it,” Burks said. “The thing with that is, he can overdose a lot sooner than we can. The Narcan will be really helpful in making sure that doesn’t happen and keeping him safe.”