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Extension shares advice to spring into good nutrition

By Karen Softley, Regional Extension Agent

Has your New Year’s resolution gone by the wayside? Spring is the perfect time to refocus and get back on track with a healthy eating plan. The following tips will help you start your spring with a healthy mind and body:

1. Breakfast: A healthy breakfast is a great way to start your day. Lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are foodS you should look for. Smoothies with frozen fruit, yogurt, skim milk and protein powder can be whipped up with ease in a blender.

2. Portion Control: Practicing moderation is an easy way to control your weight and still enjoy your favorite foods. Eating slower and using smaller plates allows time for your brain to tell your body it’s full.

3. Healthy snacking: A good way to tide you over until your next meal is a nutritious snack. A hand full of nuts, an energy bar or a fresh piece of fruit are some great grab-and-go ideas.

4. Water: To maintain a good healthy system, our bodies need water. Water can flush out toxins, make you more alert, give you energy, control your appetite and increase your metabolism.

5. Physical activity: Adding just 30 minutes of exercise to your day can make a huge difference. Regular exercise keeps your body weight and stress under control.

With these simple tips, you should be ready to spring into a new season and a healthier you.