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Five ways to promote healthy mindset

By Darlene Minniefield

Regional Extension Agent

While the coming of spring has long been a catalyst for people to dive into household cleaning and projects, the Franklin County Extension is promoting spring as the perfect time of year to do a little personal analysis and “renovation,” as well.

Being healthy isn’t simply exercising and eating well; mental health also plays a major role in your overall wellbeing. However, many of us forget to check in and make time to practice a healthy mindset.

There are many different things a person can do to promote a healthy mindset, from enjoying physical activity to spending time with people they love, so here are five ways to promote a healthy mindset:


A diet that has little nutrients and is high in processed foods can be a significant impact on not only your body but also your mind, according to research. Good nutrition allows you to feel good from the inside out.


Take time to make meaningful connections with family and friends, and surround yourself with positive people who will help you will feel happier and supported. It is important to make time to have fun.


So often we forget to take a minute or so to reflect and think about the things in our life we are grateful for. Something as simple as having a cup of tea – without technology – or meditating can go a long way toward helping us feel happier and promoting mental clarity.


Giving back to the community can help build meaningful connections with those around you and can be so powerful for your mindset. Volunteering within your community or showing small acts of kindness to those around you during the day will help you feel better.


Many studies support the idea that exercise is powerful in supporting mental health. According to a 2014 study, exercise can improve body image, resilience and quality of life and can even assist in cases of mild to moderate depression. So join the Extension Program Walking Like A CHAMPION and check it out on Facebook, #WalkinglikeaCHAMPION, to improve your mental health and your mindset.