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Read Across America emphasizes importance of of literacy for all

If you’re on social media this week, you’ll likely come across photos of students in crazy hats, teachers promoting read-aloud times and a greater-than-usual occurrence of Dr. Seuss quotes and images.

Our local schools are observing the National Education Association’s Read Across America Week, and we want to salute their efforts to encourage literacy and a love for reading in Franklin County.

Nationally observed the first week of March, Read Across America Week is in full swing. Students not just in Franklin County but across the country are enjoying a renewed emphasis on the importance of reading in our everyday lives.

Think about it. Does a day pass when you aren’t reading?

Oh, we know you might not be picking up the latest bestseller every day or regularly leafing through a non-fiction favorite, but being able to read is a crucial cornerstone of a productive, fulfilling life. It’s a skill you use constantly – and so reflexively you usually don’t even think about it.

Grocery store labels, newspaper articles, street signs, warning notices, fliers, billboards, magazines, invitations, newsletters, text messages, tweets – they are all just waiting to be read.

We hope you will take this week, if not every week, to encourage a love of reading in your children – and in yourself.

Though it’s fun to dress up as a Dr. Seuss character and celebrate his birthday by rereading “The Cat in the Hat,” let this week be a reminder to us to put a focus on reading year round.