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March 2021 Marriage Licenses

March 1

Nathan Brady to Felicia Colburn

Wilder Gonzalez to Gladiz Cubillas

March 12

Wesley Vinson to Chaunda Harris

Belen Paniagua Sanchez to Ivan Gonezalez Arizmendi

Jimmie Henry to Leatriece Wooten

Concepcio Gregorio Lopez to Jorge Molina Hernandez

March 17

Timmy Thornington to Tony Baker

Caleb Parker to Breeannah Spricer

March 23

Kenneth Cowgar to Sabrina Cates Ross

Selvin Chavez to Angelica Jose

March 25

Trevor Allison to Keylee Moore

March 26

Frank Holliday to Hollie Walls

Labrisca Joseph to Jimmy Palmer