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Mayor: Arbor Day unlikely in Red Bay this year

Red Bay Mayor Charlene Fancher said she cannot remember a time in Red Bay when there was not an Arbor Day celebration. This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fancher said an Arbor Day in Red Bay seems unlikely.

Fancher said the Red Bay Garden Club, who plans Arbor Day, has not had a chance to meet in several months because of the virus.

“At this time, there isn’t anything that has been planned or even talked about,” Fancher said. “It seems highly unlikely we will be able to do something this year.”

Fancher said although an Arbor Day celebration seems unlikely, she is still going to try to make individual trees available for pickup at city hall for people to plant.

“That really is what Arbor Day is all about is encouraging people to plant trees,” Fancher said. “We hope we are still going to be able to do that part.”

Fancher said she is going to reach out about getting individual trees and should know by next week if it will be possible.

“Red Bay is a Tree City USA, so planting trees and celebrating Arbor Day is something that is very important to us,” Fancher said.

Typically Red Bay hosts an Arbor Day celebration in mid-March where they honor an individual and plant a tree in their name.

Last year’s Arbor Day celebration occurred right before the pandemic and saw Red Bay City Hall packed with community members ready to celebrate.

“It is a big part of our town, and we hate to think we won’t be able to have it this year,” Fancher said. “Like everything else this year, I guess it is better safe than sorry.”