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Students celebrate 100 days in school amid pandemic

Every year West Elementary School celebrates reaching the 100th day of school, but reaching the 100th day this year was even more of a celebration because of the pandemic.

When school began in the fall, students and school personnel were facing unknowns about how education would work, given the ongoing pandemic. So far, schools are more than 100 days in and still going strong.

“It is shocking we made it to celebrating 100 days, but I think it also gives hope that we will have a better spring than we did last year,” said WES Assistant Principal Monica Moon.

Moon said she knows students are fortunate to be able to celebrate reaching 100 days of school because other school systems across the country are still unable to return to in-person learning.

“We are so fortunate to have low enough numbers where we can have school and to be in an area where in-person learning is valued,” Moon said.

Moon said typically the 100th day includes a school assembly for the students, but because of COVID-19, each classroom celebrated by doing their own activity.

“For them, 100 is such a big number,” Moon said. “It is great to be able to say they have been in school for 100 days while also giving them something they can visualize with that.”

In addition to participating in classroom activities, many students dressed up as 100-year-olds.

“They were so cute walking down the halls with their little walkers or with their robes on,” Moon said. “It is always such a fun day.”

Moon said although a lot of the students probably do not understand how significant it is, reaching the 100-day milestone this year, it is a reminder to the staff not to take the days for granted.

“When the school closed last year, it seemed like a lot of things were cut short,” Moon said. “This year has really given us a chance to do the things we wished we would have been able to do last year. So far, things are going well, and we hope that continues.”