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Food drive teaches life lessons

Tiny feet enter the building of West Elementary School with bags weighed down with cans, and tiny faces fill with big smiles, as West Elementary School carries out this year’s canned food drive.

This is the 10th year WES has held a canned food drive, and Assistant Principal Monica Moon said the annual collection is a way to teach the children about much more than academics.

“Our goal is to educate the whole child, where it is not only about education,” Moon said. “This teaches them compassion for others and the joy of giving.”

Moon said even if students are not able to give much, they learn what they have to give is just as important as what someone else gives.

“No matter how big or small, we all have something to give,” Moon said. 

WES Principal Ann Scott said it is great to see the pride students have when they bring food in to donate.

“These kids just have the biggest smiles because they are so proud of what they are doing,” Scott said.

The goal for the school is 3,700 cans donated, with each class having a goal of bringing 100 cans by the 100th day of school, Feb. 3.

Each class that reaches the goal of 100 cans will have a yearbook donated to their classroom for the students to look at.

All of the food donated will go to Faith Mission so it can be distributed to community members in need.

Moon said the goal of having the food drive during the early part of the year is to help replenish the food pantries that have been depleted from the holidays.

“There are a lot of people who have needs, so it is important for students to know they can make a difference in someone’s life,” Moon said.

The food drive is open to members of the community to participate, as well. Any non-perishable food items can be dropped off at WES in the main office.