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December 2020 Land Transactions

Dec. 1

Ditech to Donald Gosa, Quit Claim

Donnie Jackson to David Ward, Warranty

Fred Pilgrim to David Ward, Warranty

Avajo Donner to David Ward, Warranty

David Ergle to David Ward, Warranty

Johnny Adams to Glen Ewing, Warranty

Dec. 2

Judy Peters to Alejandro Carrillo, Warranty

Ray McKissack to The Kathryn Elaine, Quit Claim

Jason Houchen to June Martin, Affidavit

June Martin to Roman Sandoval, Warranty

Amy Scott to Jamie Parker, Affidavit

Kimberly Shelton to Aaron Brooks, Survivorship

Judith Stancil to Judith Stancil, Affidavit

Jeff Hargett to Judith Stancil, Affidavit

Judith Stancil to Greg Parrish, Warranty

Joshua Bush to Jose Francisco, Survivorship

Dec. 3

Auburn Benford to Ricky Benford, Warranty

Thomas Plylar to Travis Plylar, Warranty

Sarah Murray to Connie Franks, Power of Attorney

Henry Hagstrom to Jimmy Roberts, Survivorship

Dustin Green to Kathy Flannagan, Power of Attorney

My Southern Charm to Jason Parker, Warranty

Michael Hester to Michael Hargett, Executor’s

Robert Hall to Jerrald Knapp, Warranty

Jerald Knapp to Wendy Knapp, Power of Attorney

Dec. 4

Sammy Hatton to Chris Wallace, Warranty

Shannon Oliver to Alabama Department of, Sheriff’s

Miguel Tomas to Maria Manual, Warranty

Theresa Mcleese to Tilda Weeks, Affidavit

Eddie Beason to Alvis Weeks, Affidavit

Darren Weeks to Roy Mcleese, Warranty

Jackie Bradford to Jeffrey Haase, Warranty

Golden Tiger Properties to Anthony Mckee, Warranty

Timothy Cantrell to Eslin Pineda, Warranty

Dec. 7

Lakeview Loan Servicing to Sarah Terry, Foreclosure

Bryon Smith to Bryon Fretwell, Warranty

Brian Stancil to Stancil Brother, Warranty

Donnie George to Brandon George, Warranty

Charles Trapp to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Joseph Norton to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Dec. 8

Anthony Mitchell to Bank of New York, Foreclosure

James McCullar to Renee Reed, Warranty

Harold Hill to Casey Hill, Warranty

Henry Wimberly to Barry Pounders, Survivorship

Barry Pounders to Henry Wimberly, Warranty

Barry Pounders to Barry Pounders, Survivorship

Dec. 9

Cathy Vinson to Cody Flanagan, Survivorship

Lindi George to Belinda Warren, Warranty

Andrew Flanagan to Joshua Lane, Warranty

Lanny Norris to Esther Sockwell, Warranty

Rafael Barboza to Elisabeth Ramos, Warranty

Barry Pounders to Evan Reeves, Warranty

Dec. 10

Charles Gober to Roman Lynch, Warranty

Allan Oliver to Betty Grissom, Affidavit

Allan Oliver to MArcell Bingham, Affidavit

John McReynolds to Elton Coley, Affidavit

Gary Dalrymple to Gary Dalrymple, Survivorship

Dec. 11

Kevin Pace to Thomas Bendall, Survivorship

Mary Saint to Keingly Figueroa, Warranty

Edward Jones to Linda Fuller, Power of Attorney

Cassie Hamilton to Charles Hamilton, Warranty

Joe Murphy to CIS Home Loans, Power of Attorney

Dec. 14

Emily Roberts to Kenneth Rollins, Survivorship

Andres Miguel to Mariano Marido, Sale

Joyce Swinney to Jay Wilson, Power of Attorney

Joyce Swinney to Tyler Peppers, Survivorship

Stephanie Peyregnie to Angelia McCrary, Warranty

Ophelia Mayfield to Stephanie Taylor, Warranty

Doris Langley to James Staggs, Warranty

Anita Lynn to Anita Lynn, Executor’s

Dec. 15

Roberto Sagustume to Raul Ruano, Survivorship

JID Inc to Gerald Brock, Survivorship

Sandra Brock to Gerald Brock, Affidavit

Sandra Brock to Jerry Canida, Survivorship

Dec. 16

Mattie Whitworth to Emily Hill, Warranty

Franklin Bishop to David Ward, Warranty

Rodney Yawn to Lonnie Oldag, Survivorship

James Allen to John Thomason, Executor’s

Lisa Migueis to Green Acres LLC, Warranty

Alberto Francisco to Artemio Ramirez, Survivorship

Dec. 17

Thomas Poss to John Burrow, Warranty

Gregory Willis to Janelle Rothstein, Warranty

Mary Sewell to Daniel Burcham, Survivorship

Sandra Crouch to Jamie Figueroa Alvarado, Warranty

Geraldine Holt to Clarissa Patterson, Warranty

Timothy Cleveland to Laura Lugo, Warranty

Chris Wright to Southeast Sale Inc, Warranty

Bobby Puckett to Debra Luther, Warranty

David Tiffin to Robert Tiffin, Survivorship

Dec. 18

Connie Boyington to Pablo Vincente, Warranty

Darren Pounders to Carlos Lucas, Warranty

Richard Mashburn to Fabiana Carillo, Survivorship

John Clark to John H Clark Living Trust, Quit Claim

Jason Quinn to Cheryl Bartholomew, Warranty

James Steinicipher to Linda Cain, Warranty

Linda Cain to James Cain, Survivorship

Freddy Fuller to Christina Ramos, Survivorship

Barney Taylor to Gail Anderson, Warranty

Dec. 21

Jimmy Roberts to Christopher Grissom, Warranty

Tiffany Borden to Franklin Financial, Affidavit

Victor Hodges to 306 Russ RE, Warranty

Roger Jeanne to Boykin Enterprises, Warranty

Dec. 22

Thomas White to Richard Stratton, Survivorship

Donna Barber to Donna Barber, Survivorship

Thomas Williams to Pamela Williams, Corrective

Joan Huggins to Mark Hill, Warranty

Mary Muse to Samuel Lynch, Survivorship

Dec. 23

William Hudson to Zachary Mosley, Survivorship

Kenneth Garrard to Scott Mugno, Survivorship

Dec. 28

Myra Childs to Alan Lester, Survivorship

John Reeves to Karri Cummings, Warranty

Jennifer Malone to Hayley Fuller, Quit Claim

Hayley Fuller to David Brooks, Survivorship

Amy Scott to Thomas Malone, Affidavit

Leonel Salgado to Leonel Bernal, Survivorship

Henry Wimberly to Born Again Collision, Warranty

Dec. 29

Jonathan Porter to William Austin, Survivorship

Catalina Mojica to Nurvia Pinto Escobar, Sale

Karen Ozbirn to Scotty Ozbirn, Survivorship

Donnis Hastings to Joanna Allred, Power of Attorney

Terry Zills to Terry Zills, Survivorship

Linda Greenhill to Ralph Chappell, Warranty

Gene Mason to Gene Mason, Affidavit

Gene Mason to Gene Mason, Survivorship

Dec. 30

Keith Brown to Isidro Aguirre, Executor’s

Penman Russellville to Riverfront 1432 LLC, Warranty

Wade Nix to Esvin Cano, Warranty

Kevin Sosa to Elmer Hovater, Sale

Nixon Mejia to Elmer Hovater, Sale

Dec. 31

Vernell Johnson to Andrew Goines, Quit Claim

Andrew Goines to Carmelo Benza, Survivorship

Chris Wright to Lindi George, Warranty

Maria Garcia to Louis Torres, Affidavit

Louis Torres to Angel Maldonado, Survivorship

David Harris to William Beasley, Survivorship

Cecil Batchelor to John John II LLC, Warranty