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Mountain View Baptist Church hosts drive-through Nativity in Phil Campbell

Mountain View Baptist Church is holding a drive-through Nativity through Dec. 15 from 6-8 p.m. each night.

The display, located at the church at 2110 Highway 81 in Phil Campbell, includes several painted wood cut-out animals – sheep, camels, donkeys and a cow. One of the camels is estimated to be eight or nine feet tall.

The Bible-based display was a team effort by the church. Artist and church member Krena Curtis Poole painted the animals after another member cut them out of the wood. Someone else used plywood to make the barn for the manger. Other scenes include Jesus’ tomb and a depiction of him teaching the multitudes. A number of members worked on costumes.

“It was beautiful and emotional to see all of the animals finally put up in the display,” said Poole. “I worked on the painting every available moment over the course of a couple of months. Bringing the Nativity scene to life has been a hands-on, whole church family type of project. I don’t think we realized how massive of a project it would be until we really got into it.

“It has been a labor of love and a truly wonderful experience to be part of it.”

Sharon Loden, director of the event since its beginning, called the display “our Christmas gift as a church to the community.”

“We want to share the true meaning of Christmas,” Loden explained. “I love hearing comments from people after they have driven through. We use this event to reach out to our neighbors, and I feel certain a lot of people will benefit from and enjoy the experience.”

The last time the church held the Nativity scene was in 2010. The April 27, 2011, tornadoes leveled the church, putting a stop to the event since then – until now.

“I am very proud of how everyone has come together to make this event into a reality again,” said Sammy Taylor, pastor. “We invite all who are interested to come and drive through. We will be offering free CDs with narration for the exhibit. Alternatively, we have a link where it can be downloaded. In addition, we have printed brochures explaining the display.

“I hope everyone will consider coming out and enjoying the experience.”

For additional information, visit the church’s website, www.mtviewbaptistchurch.org, or call 205-993-4610.