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November 2020 Land Transactions

Nov. 2

Joshua Brewer to Jermaine Groce, Warranty

Stephen Bingham to Hulsey Logging Company, Timber

Rallie Crow to Nelson Garcia, Warranty

Joy Corsbie to James Matthew, Warranty

James Mays to Eldon Vinson, Survivorship

Ruby McCarley to Charles Hipps, Survivorship

Jason Miller to Brenda Sanchez, Affidavit

Jason Miller to Pedro Francisco, Survivorship

Denise Greenawalt to Marcia Martin, Warranty

Tammy Mobley to Dania Rodriguez, Warranty

Tammy Bailey to Margarita Santos, Warranty

Jeffrey King to Danny Bumpus, Warranty

Roger Thorn to Kathy Hicks, Survivorship

Isabella Pedro to Regino Pedro, Warranty

Nov. 3

John Welborn to Mary Pirtle, Warranty

Joe Mansell to Charles Dale, Quit Claim

Joyce Fancher to Jerry Fancher, Survivorship

Steven Scott to Phillip Scott, Corrective

Phillip Barksdale to Daniel Allen, Warranty

Janice Bragwell to Jennifer Bragwell, Warranty

Glenda McGowen to Lola Wood, Affidavit

Glenda McGowen to Harold Riggs, Survivorship

Nov. 4

Brittany Adams to Brook McLemore, Warranty

Lyman Cox to Lyman Cox, Survivorship

Nov. 5

L. Fisher to First Metro Bank, Foreclosure

Gary Liles to JT Horn Logging, Timber

Nov. 6

Scott Delashaw to Sascha Franklin, Warranty

Tony Hodge to Brandon Hodge, Warranty

Annette Berry to Anibal Garcia, Warranty

Charles Forman to Charles Forman, Quit Claim

Willie Ergle to Jenny Harris, Warranty

Jaime Valdez to Yomara Perez Vasquez, Contract

Nov. 9

Kathy Taylor to Ricky Taylor, Power of Attorney

Jolee Mcneese to Weyerhauser NR Company, Timber

Chandler Bay to Franklin County Board of, Covenants

Neil Taylor to Boykin Enterprises, Warranty

Freida Carll to Brad Reeves, Survivorship

William Crenshaw to Francisco Andres, Warranty

Nov. 10

John Atkins to John Atkins, Warranty

Bobby Devaney to Mark Pyle, Warranty

Bobby Devaney to Rex Mayfield, Corrective

Thomas Williams to Pamela Williams, Quit Claim

Bryan Vandiver to Mary Bryant, Survivorship

Betty Tirey to Kimberly Cole, Power of Attorney

Wayne Murphy to James Murphy, Quit Claim

Eddie Glasgow to Meagen Glasgow, Warranty

Virginia Batres to Scott Ward, Sale

Veronica Stancil to Ophelia Johnson, Tax

Jimmy Hutchens to Misty Hutchens, Quit Claim

Nov. 12

James Thorn to Michael Mcmurray, Statutory

Nov. 13

Amanda Labo to Daniel Labo, Warranty

James Rice to Donna Adams, Warranty

Kenneth Garrard to Christopher Swinney, Survivorship

Hattie Hagan to Frieda Lathan, Power of Attorney

Kathy Taylor to Pedro Flores, Warranty

Dorris Fleming to Armando Mendoza, Survivorship

Gene Ward to Robert Ward, Warranty

Jaime Valdez to Ana Castillo, Warranty

Gary Devaney to Preston Devaney, Warranty

Jeanette Jolly to Ginger Jolly, Power of Attorney

Sascha Franklin to Pedro Cotoc, Survivorship

Nov. 16

Gathel Wynn to Harlon Hutcheson, Survivorship

Chris Briles to JR Consulting, Warranty

Jason Davis, American Storage, Warranty

Nov. 17

William Welch to Cesar Ixcoy, Warranty

Diego Palma to Brevard County, Survivorship

Daniel Labo to James Labo, Warranty

Holly South to Teresa Tomas, Warranty

Margie Wimberly to James Wimberly, Warranty

Shannon Dawson to Roy Russ, Quit Claim

Nov. 18

Doris Lindsey to Justin Cummings, Warranty

Victor Fowler to Dee Fowler, Warranty

Theresa Mcleese to Sheila Latham, Corrective

Brenda Franks to Kyla Perez, Warranty

Nov. 19

Irby Development to Martin Pascual, Warranty

Franklin County Board of to Rebecca Rogers, Covenants

G. Lane Inc. to Joan Tyree, Warranty

Nov. 20

Randall Devaney to Sherry Mims, Power of Attorney

Joe Mansell to Connor Mansell, Quit Claim

Martin Graham to Justin Rikard, Warranty

Nov. 23

Linda Bray to Linda Bray, Administrator’s

Linda Bray to Misty George, Administrator’s

Terry Sparks to Johnny Adams, Survivorship

Stephanie Williams to Ellis Wooten, Warranty

Robert Holden to Carolyn Holden, Power of Attorney

Donald Freeman to Robert Holden, Warranty

Ronald Horton to Bobby Devaney, Survivorship

Pamela Herring to Steven Jackson, Executor’s

Ricky Young to Cynthia Gober, Executor’s

Nov. 24

Robert Tiffin to Tiffin Motorhomes, Warranty

Greg Parrish to Lilia Loaeza, Contract

Nov. 25

Steven Pace to Terry Land Company, Warranty

Amy Pace to Henry Pace, Affidavit

Margaret Pace to Henry Pace, Affidavit

Annette Berry to Wayne Hinds, Warranty

Jamie Medley to 4M Events, Warranty

James Hagood to Greg Robinson, Warranty

Nov. 30

Wendell Saint to Wendell Saint, Warranty

Dewanna Campbell to Todd Young, Survivorship


Russellville Elementary students celebrate Board of Education Appreciation Month


BTCPA stages ‘Bad Year for Tomatoes’

Franklin County

County takes needed steps to continue broadband expansion


Russellville High School holds Community Partnership Breakfast to connect with community


Sign up now for youth rec sports through March 1


Russellville club names Bob Seeley Civitan of Year

Franklin County

New year brings official end to concealed carry permit requirement

Franklin County

Schools recognize Franklin County Board of Education


Book Lovers Study Club submits 2022 reports


RHS alum receives Keller Key at UNA

Franklin County

Cattlemen convene for annual banquet

Belgreen Bulldogs

Belgreen hires football coach for fledgling program


City approves temporary fire department promotions

Franklin County

Commission decides to request bids for elevator maintenance


Whimsical window art brightens RPL

Belgreen Bulldogs

Belgreen gets football coach

Franklin County

Martin Luther King commemorative march takes place in downtown Russellville

Franklin County

New district attorney swears in

Franklin County

Cattlemen’s Association prepares for annual meeting


Russellville Public Library director speaks at Book Lovers meeting

Franklin County

Vina native returns to hometown church to share her story

Franklin County

Couple continues annual Christmas jail ministry


City officials reflect on old year, look toward new

Franklin County

MLK march returns to Russellville this year, set for Jan. 16