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Why I Love Franklin County

FRANKLIN LIVING—Joseph Baldwin has lived in Franklin County for 50 years, calling Atwood home. The 1989 Vina High salutatorian and his wife Misty, a Hamilton native who has been an insurance agent the past 23 years, have been married for 10 years. He attended Northwest Junior College, UNA and the University of Alabama and now lives on the Bear Creek Lakes. He is also ran unopposed for Franklin County Commissioner District 3 on the Nov. 3 ballot.

1. What is your job title?

I have held several jobs, but most of my work-related time has been spent as a farrier for 31 years and a working musician for 20-plus years.

2. What do you enjoy about each of these roles? How did you become involved in them?

Both of these jobs seemed to simply derive from my hobbies as a young man and have put me in a position to meet new friends on almost a daily basis. That’s probably the most rewarding aspect of the time I spend doing these things.

3. What is your favorite place to visit in Franklin County?

Sometimes my farrier work takes me outside of Franklin County, but music has led me to the ends of our great country. Misty and I have had the opportunity to visit many states where I have been invited to perform. Even though the experience of our travels has been greatly rewarding,  I’m always very happy to return to my Franklin County home in Atwood. Our home is near Big Bear Lake, which holds many memories of my youth and my time spent fishing with my grandpa, Robert Baldwin. 

4. What is your favorite Franklin County restaurant?

Misty and I frequently dine at several restaurants in the county. I honestly love all of them because my favorite food … is food. Haha!

5. Why do you love Franklin County?

Franklin County has been a place where my ambitions have turned into fulfilling jobs, my jobs have allowed me to meet new friends, and those friends have helped me achieve several goals. I love each and everyone of you, and I love our county.

Fast Five

Favorite hobby: Firearms

Favorite food: Food

Goal/Ambition: To have a positive, uplifting impact in everything I do and to everyone I meet.

Church: Through  the  years, Church of God, Freewill Baptist and Church of Christ.

Something people might not know about me: I was kind of a nerd growing up. I loved reading encyclopedias and working with computers.