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October 2020 Land Transactions

Oct. 1

James Watts to Katie Bonds, Power of Attorney

Joel Bragwell to Jennifer Bragwell, Power of Attorney

Howard Moore to Roy Medley, Survivorship

Donna Mitchell to Madelyn Prince, Warranty

Paul Cleveland to Michael Mann, Warranty

Gena Loveless to Amanda Murray, Survivorship

Oct. 2

Wayne Welborn to Sammy Hatton to Warranty

Wayne Welborn to Chris Gonzalez, Warranty

John Cook to Zachary Garrett, Warranty

Ronald Payne to Ronald Payne, Warranty

David Schaller to Jody Harris, Survivorship

Salome Hernandez to Leidy Miguel, Warranty

Willis Floyd to Chase Bullington, Warranty

Abacuc Ramirez to Brenda Ramirez-Huerta, Warranty

Jeffrey Colburn to Gustavo Monterroso, Warranty

George Hargett to Jason Miller, Warranty

Wayne Presley to Gustavo Jimenez, Warranty

Jose Matais to Linda Diaz, Warranty

Jeff Saarinen to Jeff Saarinen, Survivorship

Jorge Fuentes to Marvin Rodriguez, Survivorship

Oct. 5

L. Gober to James Thorne, Survivorship

Jeffery Kennedy to Ronald Finch, Survivorship

Carolyn Parks to Red Bay Museum, Warranty

Steve Streetman to Laura Streetman, Certification

Steve Streetman to Clarence Streetman, Affidavit

Laura Streetman to Steve Streetman, Affidavit

Steve Streetman to HEHJR, Warranty

Oct. 6

Bruce Taylor to Linda Sherrod, Warranty

Gary Liles to Adam Henson, Survivorship

Doug Liles to Adam Henson, Survivorship

Charles Lesley to Jody Farris, Survivorship

Lesley LLC to Jody Farris, Survivorship

David Scott to Bank Independent, Agreement

Judy Burfield to Tammy Burfield, Warranty

Oct. 7

Dorothy Harris to Riley Stepp, Survivorship

Kimberly Jones to Barry Jones, Executor’s

Reba Coppedge to Paula Bullen, Power of Attorney

Kimberly Jones to Mickey Quillen, Executor’s

Oct. 8

Terry Ealy to Lula Bolton, Certification of Trust

Terry Ealy to Robert Taylor, Affidavit

Terry Ealy to Erin Helms, Warranty

Gladys Robinson to William Wile, Survivorship

West Farms to Steven Scott, Warranty

Gage Prince to Floyd Newell, Foreclosure

Barbara Fike to Ricky James, Warranty

Donald Ezzell to Shawn Richeson, Warranty

Evabank to Tracy Deaton, Warranty

Oct. 9

Jorge Garcia to Irma Ortega, Survivorship

Hoyt Burfield to Brandon Wood, Warranty

Brandon Wood to Hoyt Burfield, Warranty

William Smith to Juana Miguel, Corrective

Joe Hamilton to Miguel Carias, Executor’s

Oct. 13

Lex Tiffin to Tiffin Morrow Holdings, Quit Claim

Richard Hilliard to Kenny Mchenry, Warranty

Shannon Oliver to Frank Hunter, Administrator’s

Armon Kimbrough to Darrell Kimbrough, Warranty

Carol Hardy to Huie Keller, Warranty

Kathryn Flannagan to Jerry Hitt, Power of Attorney

Ramon Randolph to John Randolph, Warranty

Jorge Rezado to Felix Domingo, Warranty

Mary Hudson to Fernando Fernandez, Warranty

Marie Horton to Victor Galindo, Survivorship

Billie Hargett to Adrain Pinkard, Corrective

Lavonda Willis to John Willis, Quit Claim

John Willis to Marciano Mateo, Sale

Oct. 14

Gry Shearin to Lance Williams, Affidavit

Melissa Oden to Milford Brown, Survivorship

Joseph Medina to Edvin Agustin, Sale

Lisa Williams to Carolyn Pendegraph, Warranty

Paula Wilemon to Carlton Lofton, Quit Claim

Oct. 15

The Nelson Family Living to Peter Cox, Quit Claim

Joyce Green to James Taylor, Warranty

Betty Denton to Mahala Avery, Executor’s

Carolyn Stepp to Mistie Humphries, Warranty

Oct. 16

Timothy Cleveland to Marrietta Wood Supply, Timber

Raymond Rice to Alan Rice, Power of Attorney

Bobby Rice to Alan Rice, Power of Attorney

Raymond Rice to Alan Rice. Warranty

Mary Stanley to Chase Goode, Foreclosure

Troy Simmons to Kendall Kirk, Warranty

Maria Garcia to Jose Gaspar, Warranty

Oct. 19

Waiva Radmer to Natalie Lanphear, Warranty

Danny Cook to Peter Cox, Warranty

Addie Brown to Tommy Demastus, Warranty

Tanner Maddox to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Terry Sparks to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Jeffrey Swinney to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Kevin Lawler to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Billy Crumpton to Joshua Crumpton, Survivorship

Benny Smith to Jordan Anderson, Warranty

Oct. 20

Jaime Valdez to Isidra Dominguez-Luna, Warranty

Mimi Wood to David Cochran, Warranty

Kevin Lawson to Drake Lawson, Warranty

Tammy Montgomery to Brad Kirk, Sale

Oct. 21

James Strickland to Andrew House, Clerk’s

Wayne House to Julie House, Executor’s

Joseph Massey to Marilyn Logan, Warranty

H Landers to Arthur Holland, Warranty

Barbara Landers to Hal Landers, Survivorship

Richard Bysko to Cassidy Collum, Warranty

Greg Parrish to Ignacio Quiroz, Sale

Oct. 23

Virgie Seay to Hayden Survivorship, Warranty

Billy Crutchfield to Richard Parks, Warranty

Jason Miller to Thomas Miller, Survivorship

Carl James to Josh Jackson, Warranty

Richard Price to James Sandoval, Warranty

Christian Zepeda to Adrian Avelino, Warranty

Terry Zills to Bradley Smith, Survivorship

Keith Wilson to Brad Morgan, Survivorship

Brad Morgan to Eric Edwards, Survivorship

Emilio Gamarro to Delia Rojas, Quit Claim

Oct. 26

Lance Grissom to Wallace Aycock, Survivorship

Bobbie Swinney to Craig Mccarley, Warranty

Oct. 27

Antonio Jose to Cesar Oxcoy, Warranty

Anthony Chaney to Cody Mina, Sale

Tony Turbyfill to Jon Harrison, Warranty

Jacky Hutcheson to Chistopher Thomas, Warranty

Oct. 28

Mack Galloway to Heath Hill, Warranty

Jay Valdez to Tim Cook, Warranty

John Holt to Johnny Berry, Survivorship

Walton Nichols to Tony Turbyfill, Survivorship

Benton Nix to Audrey Herring, Warranty

Oct. 29

Carol Landers to Byron Landers, Warranty

Kenneth Overton to John Overton, Warranty

Teresa Alsbrook to Lowell Landers, Affidavit

Teresa Alsbrook to Jeremy Burns, Warranty

Joseph Mansell to Daniel Mansell, Warranty

Terry Raper to Leon Raper, Affidavit

Darren Oliver to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Nick Bewer to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Anthony Hodge to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Scott Christenson to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Oct. 30

Henry Sneed to David Ward, Warranty

Franklin County

CDC authorizes COVID-19 vaccine for children


Russellville celebrates freedom at Jam on Sloss Lake Monday


RFD responds to downtown structure fire

Franklin County

Franklin County 4-H announces horse club, summer day camps

Franklin County

Sweet T’s Meat & Greet celebrates grand opening

Franklin County

Bank Independent launches School Share

Franklin County

First Metro Bank reaches nearly 2,000 local students through financial literacy efforts

Franklin County

County votes in primary runoff


Kids, Kin program, Girl Scouts present information at RPL

Franklin County

FC Rescue Squad president faces arrest for theft

Franklin County

Summer P-EBT benefits go to families of eligible school children


Red Bay City Council approves water, gas board resolution


Red Bay Council discusses regulating vicious animals

Franklin County

Furr Fest fundraiser sees success

Franklin County

Distinguished Through the Decades: 2001, Kathryn (Keeton) Nix


Phil Campbell festival unites friends for food, fun, music


BTCPA gears up to perform ‘Leading Ladies,’ final play of season


Phil Campbell Police Department adds new vehicle to its fleet


Face-painting fun, crafts, treats delight at RPL


PC prepares to enforce noise, impoundment ordinances

Franklin County

Blue Springs VFD holds Furr Fest fundraiser

Franklin County

Russellville promotes race amity June 12

Franklin County

Distinguished Through the Decades: 2000, Lindsay (Gerstman) Almond


PC Title Loan opens