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September 2020 Land Transactions

Sept. 1

Linda Pharr to Scotty Lentz, Survivorship

Bryan Hall to Bankfirst Financial, Foreclosure

Jason Patterson to Jason Patterson, Warranty

Josh Warhurst to Josh Warhurst, Executors

Josh Warhurst to Justin Warhurst, Executors

Dewayne Greenhill to Jennifer Malone, Sale

Sept. 2

Matthew Kroeger to Matthew Kroeger, Warranty

Peggy Hester to Shonda Seale, Warranty

Tom Duncan to Tom Duncan, Quit Claim

Debra Cowan to Caleb Pennington, Warranty

Mitch Rhea to Mitch Rhea, Warranty

Sept. 3

Agnes Gookin to Evan Vincent, Warranty

Grace Britnell to Victor Figueroa, Lease

Brittany Richards to Rhett Bradford, Survivorship

Alabama Luxury Rental to Shelia Colburn, Survivorship

Adam Carver to Gary Hanan, Warranty

Daniel Humphries to Brookelyn Mims, Survivorship

Michelle Pounders to Darren Pounders, Quit Claim

Sept. 4

Johnny Dill to Jose Cacatzum, Warranty

Justin Warhurst to Van Pierce, Warranty

Cynthia Riley to Donald Miller, Affidavit

Jeremy Harris to Jeff Swinney, Warranty

Donnie Raburn to Raul Diaz, Survivorship

William Stone to Tia Stone, Warranty

Janice Sherrill to Charis Hogan, Warranty

Bonnie Gober to Lowell Gober, Power of Attorney

Woody Loden to Crystal Mason, Quit Claim

Bonnie Gober to Gregory Gober, Warranty

Sept. 8

James Strickland to Shady Grove Cemetery, Clerk’s

Michael Smith to Michael Smith, Survivorship

Dewayne Greenhill to Dewayne Greenhill, Contract

Sept. 9

Charlene Gladney to Ralton Baker, Personal Representative

Denise Bendall to Thomas Devaney, Corrective

Sept. 10

Jackie Baker to Jennifer Marshall, Survivorship

Listerhill Credit Union to William Lawson, Corrective

Billy Johnston to Billy Johnston, Quit Claim

Randy Lindsey to William Jones, Survivorship

David Hall to James Horton, Survivorship

Sept. 11

Paul Cleveland to Kenny Ligon, Executor’s

Larry Williams to Tabitha Thrasher, Warranty

Marcus Potter to King Corporation, Warranty

Darren Bobo to David Daily, Warranty

Thomas Plylar to Travis Plylar, Warranty

Sept. 14

Clifton Scott to Amy Mckinney, Warranty

Steve Creasy to Myra Creasy, Quit Claim

Ronald Humbers to David Humbers, Warranty

Corine Swinson to Derek Henderson, Warranty

Randy Holland to Gregory Thorn, Warranty

Samuel Bradley to Brenda Vandiver, Warranty

Jeffrey Gresham to Andrew Miller, Survivorship

Elmer Self to Michael Self, Warranty

Kim Blanton to Thomas Lindsey, Corrective

Thomas Lindsey to Adrian Martinez, Warranty

Larry Wells to Leonard Lindsey, Affidavit

Sept. 15

Adam Seahorn to Debi Falls, Affidavit

Robert Hardin to Debi Falls, Affidavit

Anita Hardin to Alan Hardin, Survivorship

Michael Sumerel to Anita Oliver, Affidavit

Melody Walwark to Meldody Walwark, Warranty

Sept. 16

Don Cox to Chandler Bays, Warranty

Darren Steward to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Ernest Gilbert to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Lucas Gilbert to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Ned Maybee to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Glenn Estess to Grandchildren’s Trust, Personal Representative

Richard Thomas to Thomas Family Partnership, Quit Claim

Lecil Thomas to Grandchildren’s Trust, Personal Representative

Peggy Ewing to Gary Lindsey, Survivorship

Nelson Garcia to Nelda Garcia, Quit Claim

Sept. 17

William Johnson to Joshua Barber, Survivorship

Toni Baker to Valley State Bank, Foreclosure

Thomas Jones to Golden Tiger Properties, Affidavit

Thomas Jones to Benny Allen, Survivorship

Cathleen Barnes to James Barnes, Warranty

Billie Hargett to Adrain Pinkard, Survivorship

Sept. 18

Jamy Poss to Trent Rogers, Affidavit

Rodney Strickland to Joseph Mckinney, Warranty

James Hitt to James Cain, Affidavit

James Cain to Ronald Norris, Warranty

Taylor Caldwell to Rachel Caldwell, Power of Attorney

Leon Crittenden to Taylor Caldwell, Survivorship

Rodney Yawn to Rodeny Yawn, Executor’s

Valley State Bank to Sandra Bianco, Warranty

James Sumerel to Charles Biggerstaff, Warranty

Harlon Hutcheson to Darren Pounders, Warranty

Vic Poss to Alejandro Martin, Survivorship

Harold Myers to Rayburn Bishop, Warranty

Nery Hernandez to Jose Medrano, Survivorship

Aaron Pennington to Jonathan Willis, Survivorship

Joshua Mccalpin to CB&S Bank, Foreclosure

James Gates to Preston Devaney, Warranty

Steve Gipson to June Gates, Affidavit

William Gates to Steve Gates, Power of Attorney

Mark Gates to Steve Gates, Power of Attorney

Sept. 21

Deanna Malone to Carlos Carrillo

Myra Creasy to James Brashear, Warranty

Willodean Wilson to Edward Meggs, Survivorship

Marceline Lindsey to Terri Bell, Affidavit

Sept. 22

Angela Skidmore to Linda Underwood, Power of Attorney

Chase Bullington to Willis Floyd, Warranty

Sept. 23

Doris Searcy to Devin Montgomery, Warranty

Mary Conway to Elliot Conway, Executor’s

Wilmington Savings Fund to Carrington Mortgage, Power of Attorney

Bankfirst Financial to Gralien Weeks, Warranty

Christina Lopez to Adelfo Garcia, Quit Claim

Sept. 24

Timothy Vickery to Rodolfo Velazquez, Warranty

Franklin County Commission to Ken Baggett, Resolution

Michael Collins to Sandy Collins, Quit Claim

Bobby Sneed to Allison Morris, Personal Representative

Ronald Holland to Russell Tumlin, Warranty

Dana Greenhill to Linda Greenhill, Warranty

Christian Zepeda to Lauren Rumble, Warranty

Skylar King to Aaron Pennington, Survivorship

Anita Hardin to Brent Robinson, Survivorship

Bankfirst Financial to Royce Benefield, Warranty

Sept. 25

Linda Benjamin to Virgil Patrick, Survivorship

J L Rentals to Jim Davis, Survivorship

Patsy Burrows to Joe Burrows, Affidavit

Mary Rawson to Timothy Thorn, Power of Attorney

Doug Hamm to Donald Hamm, Quit Claim

Brian Hamm to Donald Hamm, Quit Claim

Tammy Petty to Donald Hamm, Quit Claim

Joann Swinney to Ethan Woods, Warranty

Stefan Sparks to Alabama Farm Credit, Certification

Sarah Mayfield to Javier Antonio, Survivorship

Chantry Hagood to Zachary Holmes, Survivorship

Sept. 28

Larry Abston to Randy Lindsey, Warranty

Jeremy Robinson to David Mckinney Timber, Warranty

Jody Farris to Alex Tiffin, Warranty

Brad Horton to Greg Parrish, Quit Claim

Sept. 29

Wallace Aycock to James Ward, Warranty

Roy Nagle to Maynard Lewis, Warranty

William Brown to Leslie Bowers Slater, Certification

Leslie Bowers Slater to John Caddell, Warranty

Sept. 30

Lee Adams to Dewey Ford, Warranty

Jody Harris to Joshua Wilson, Warranty

Patsy Taylor to Patty Fretwell, Affidavit


BTCPA stages ‘Bad Year for Tomatoes’

Franklin County

County takes needed steps to continue broadband expansion


Russellville High School holds Community Partnership Breakfast to connect with community


Sign up now for youth rec sports through March 1


Russellville club names Bob Seeley Civitan of Year

Franklin County

New year brings official end to concealed carry permit requirement

Franklin County

Schools recognize Franklin County Board of Education


Book Lovers Study Club submits 2022 reports


RHS alum receives Keller Key at UNA

Franklin County

Cattlemen convene for annual banquet

Belgreen Bulldogs

Belgreen hires football coach for fledgling program


City approves temporary fire department promotions

Franklin County

Commission decides to request bids for elevator maintenance


Whimsical window art brightens RPL

Belgreen Bulldogs

Belgreen gets football coach

Franklin County

Martin Luther King commemorative march takes place in downtown Russellville

Franklin County

New district attorney swears in

Franklin County

Cattlemen’s Association prepares for annual meeting


Russellville Public Library director speaks at Book Lovers meeting

Franklin County

Vina native returns to hometown church to share her story

Franklin County

Couple continues annual Christmas jail ministry


City officials reflect on old year, look toward new

Franklin County

MLK march returns to Russellville this year, set for Jan. 16


Council approves additional funding for Cramer Children’s Center