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Russellville prepares for run-off election

It is almost time for runoffs from August’s city elections, with two races in Russellville still in contention as Oct. 6 approaches – for the positions of City Council District 1 and District 2.

Incumbent David Palmer will be facing off against Aaron Harbin for District 1, and incumbent William Nale will face Darren Woodruff in District 2 after an unprecedented tie in the August elections.

“That is definitely not something we have ever experienced here before,” said Russellville city clerk Belinda Miller. “That is not something that usually happens.”

In the August election, Nale received 145 votes and nine absentee ballots, while Woodruff received 134 votes and 20 absentee ballots for an exact tie.

“I was definitely shocked when I heard that,” Nale said. “After I heard that, me and my campaign just went back to the drawing board.”

Nale said at this point in his career, it is not unusual for the decision to come down to a run-off election. This will be Nale’s fourth run-off election over the 12 years he has served District 2.

“The voters in this district know everything that we have accomplished in the past 12 years that I have been in, so I hope people will come out to support that,” Nale said.

Woodruff declined to comment.

Elections will be set up the same as they were for the August election, with voters only voting for the candidates in their districts.

Miller said if the race between Nale and Woodruff ends in another tie, the result will be voted on by the city council. If the vote from the city council ends in a tie, the decision will then fall to Probate Judge Barry Moore.

Palmer and Harbin split the primary votes with third-party candidate Terry Bolton. Harbin receive 216 votes, and Palmer received 213 votes.

Palmer said he loves getting to meet with the people in his district to talk to them about what they want accomplished. 

“I think that is my favorite part about the job – talking to these people who put their faith in me to do a good job,” Palmer said. 

Harbin said he was honored to see so many people come out to vote for him.

“It means a lot to me that the people came out to support me,” Harbin said. “What that says to me is that the people of District 1 are looking for some new leadership and someone to lead them in the right direction. I’m just happy to see that so many people have faith in me to do that.”