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Your next favorite read: Franklin Living September/October

Another month, another Franklin Living – and this one is a real beaut!

Of course, I’m biased, but I do think they’re all beautiful. I guess they’re my babies.

I learned so much putting together this edition of the magazine, as I usually do. This issue taught me about hand-rolled ice cream; about the amazing art of pyrography; and about the peace to be found amidst the blooms of a small rural flower farm.

Am I gearing up now to open my own rolled ice cream shop? No.

Do I plan to take up pyrography? Unlikely.

Am I going to plant a flower farm? Definitely not.

The thing is, I enjoyed learning about these pursuits just for the sake of the knowledge – just for finding out more about something new.

I’m hoping the same is true for you.

It’s so fascinating to get the opportunity to peek inside someone else’s life, to open just a small window into their world, to see what makes them tick. To me, it’s so beautiful to see the way reality plays out differently in different people’s lives – the way the paths we each take lead us to unique places that are yet wonderfully interconnected.

So when you have a few minutes, grab the latest copy of Franklin Living – it’s out this week in subscriber papers and at our office.

Sit yourself down and enjoy the stories of people who are pursuing their passions – then follow their lead.

No, I’m not necessarily telling you to open a dessert shop, take up a new handicraft or put your green thumb to work – although, you can.

My point, though, is to learn a little something for the sake of learning and then follow your own passion – go down your own path of our interconnected lives.

I can only hope you enjoy reading this edition as much as I enjoyed creating it.