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Military banners to festoon Russellville

American Legion Post 64 is partnering with the Franklin County Archives to sell military banners for display along Jackson Avenue.

Each banner will feature the picture of a local veteran with information about him, including his name, rank, branch and service period.

“I had seen that other cities were doing this, so I thought why can’t we?” said American Legion Post 64 Commander Grant Atkins.

Atkins said Franklin County has a long history of supporting veterans, and he is excited to see pictures of local veterans displayed for all to see.

The banners will be a 24 by 61 inches and will cost $100 each. Veterans can be men or women servicemembers from World War I through today.

The banners will be on display in downtown Russellville three times a year: around the time of Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day.

When the banners are not on display, they will be housed by the city street department along with other decorations for the downtown area.

“I think this is a great honor to all of these people who definitely deserve it,” said Franklin County Archives Director Chris Ozbirn. “It will be awesome to go through downtown and see everyone who served displayed.”

Ozbirn said this will be the first time to her knowledge that Franklin County will have military banners displayed. She said it will showcase the town pride in these local heroes.

Atkins said he hopes families are filled with a sense of pride seeing their loved ones honored in Franklin County.

Any veteran from Franklin County is eligible to have a banner, but the banners are first come, first serve.

Pictures should be 8×10 or 5×7, preferably in uniform, from the waist up. An original copy of the picture will need to be brought to the Franklin County Archives, where it can be scanned and then returned.

For more information about purchasing a military banner, call the Franklin County Archives at 256-332-8827.