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Municipal elections bring new faces to city leadership

The people of Franklin County have spoken, as mayor and city council members were decided for Russellville, Red Bay, Phil Campbell, Vina and Hodges in municipal elections Tuesday.


In Russellville Mayor David Grissom retained his seat unopposed, but citizens might see a couple of shake-ups in the city council positions.

For Russellville City Council District 1, incumbent David Palmer had 213 votes, Aaron Harbin had 216 votes and Terry Bolton had 82 votes.

Based on those counts, there will be a run-off election Oct. 6 between Palmer and Harbin.

“District 1, usually, the races are generally pretty tight,” Palmer said. “I am just grateful for the support I got and everyone who came out today to vote.”

District 1 is not the only position that will see a run-off election, as District 2 also turned into a tight race. Incumbent William Nale received 145 votes and nine provisional ballots, while challenger Darren Woodruff received 134 votes and 20 provisional ballots, for an exact tie.

Incumbent Gary Cummings defeated Roy Cornelison 127 to 52 for District 3; Dexter Hamilton defeated Charles Dale 115 to 38 in District 4; and Jamie Harris won District 5 over Hillary Malone Hall 196 to 95.

“I am so thankful for everyone who has supported me throughout all of this,” Harris said. “It means a lot to know that I will get to continue on in this position and continue to help the people of Russellville.”


In Red Bay, incumbent Charlene Fancher received 477 votes, Juston Scott received 121 votes, Johnny Adams had 102 votes, and Jerritt Gasaway received eight votes for mayor. Fancher received 67 percent of votes and will continue in the position.

“I am so unbelievably blown away by the support I received tonight,” Fancher said. “I believe the numbers tonight just sent a message to me and everyone here in Red Bay that the citizens value progress and someone who prioritizes their values. I am honored to get to continue working in this position.”

No council member elections took place, as all sitting councilmen ran unopposed.


For the position of mayor in Phil Campbell, incumbent Steve Bell had 55 votes, Victor Hawkins had 11 votes, Mike McQuary claimed 100 votes, and Jim Bonner had 23 votes. With 54 percent of the vote, McQuary will be the new mayor of Phil Campbell.

“I appreciate all of my voters that came out to support,” McQuary said. “We have some new faces on the council and a lot of work to do that I am excited to get started on in November.”

In city council races, Barry King defeated Jimmy Campbell 122 to 66 for Place 1; Jeremy Castburg defeated Danny Brown 107 to 83 for Place 2; and Lynn Landers defeated Derek Herron 103 to 89 for Place 4.


For the mayor position in Vina, Michael Moomaw received 97 votes, Brenda Turbyfill received 18 votes, and Marshall Rogers received 20 votes. With 71 percent of the vote, Moomaw will be the new mayor of Vina, following D.W. Franklin, who opted not to run for re-election after 20 years on the job.

“You never know what to expect during an election,” Moomaw said. “I knew that the people would come out today and make their voices heard, and I’m just honored that they feel confident enough in me to elect me as mayor of Vina.”

In Place 1, Renea Chandler defeated Tristan Moomaw 86 to 47, and Wanda Hacker defeated Deana Vallejo 104 to 27 for Place 5.


For the town of Hodges, Brian Scott defeated Jeremy McCraw 50 to eight for the position of mayor. Former mayor Joyce Saad opted not to run.

“I’m very excited about the win and am looking forward to helping out the town,” Scott said.