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Construction wraps at Vina, Tharptown to begin new year

As the beginning of the 2020-21 school year approaches, construction is moving along for Franklin County Schools, with two schools completing construction in time for the new school year.

Franklin County Superintendent Greg Hamilton said he is proud of the progress being made to Franklin County Schools to bring updated facilities to students.

“There are several schools in Franklin County in need of new facilities, so we are doing our best to give these students what they need,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said construction is complete at Vina High School on the new science building, and the facility will see its first group of students in the fall.

‘We are excited to offer these students the latest technology and the best facilities,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said construction is also completed at Tharptown Elementary School and is in the final phases of inspection.

“Construction at Tharptown ended up being significantly behind schedule, so we are glad that now we have everything done with it and are preparing it for students,” Hamilton said.

Tharptown Elementary Principal Karen Thorn said she and the students are thankful for the progress being made at TES.

“We’re excited for the new school year to start back and to see all of these classrooms fill,” Thorn said. “The new facilities really bring a lot to the students and the teachers, so we are very thankful.”

Tharptown was not the only construction project among Franklin County Schools which has experienced setbacks, with construction at Red Bay High School also taking a hit.

“We have experienced some setbacks because of COVID, but I think more than anything it has been the weather making it difficult for construction to progress as intended,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said despite the delays because of rain, he does still expect Phase One of construction at Red Bay High School to be completed within the allocated 210-day contract.

Phase One of construction will include new classrooms for agriculture and family and consumer sciences.

Red Bay High School Principal Paul Humphres said since the weather has been nicer recently, construction is going smoothly, with things progressing quickly.

“Everyone seems to be pretty excited about it,” Humphres said. “I know it is going to be very beneficial and is greatly appreciated.”