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Trap team smokes competition

The Cedar Hill Smokn’ Guns have had a lot of recent success, with several trophies won at the state meet and at the A.I.M Grand Championship.

While at the state tournament, athletes competed in A.I.M, the Alabama State Competition and Southern Zone.

“Our kids have worked hard, and we are very proud of them,” said Cedar Hill Trap Range owner and team coach Wade Willingham.

At the A.I.M Grand Championship, Cedar Hill boasted three individual winners and two team winners. Abbey Hall placed third in doubles, Luke Peden placed fifth in handicap, and Jake Peden earned doubles Class C champion.

Cedar Hill Smokn’ Guns Sub-Junior Team is the Class B team champion, and Cedar Hill Smokn’ Guns Junior Team is the Class C Runner-Up.

Luke Peden shot his first 75 straight, and Levi Baker shot his first 50 straight. Willingham said some team members shot their personal best.

At the state tournament, the Cedar Hill Smokn’ Guns Sub-Junior Team and Junior Team both left as champions. The Sub-Junior Team consisted of Nathan Richardson, Luke Peden, Baker, Jon Isaac Wilson and Davis Lindsey. The Junior Team consisted of Reagan Lindsey, Jackson Mitchell, Jake Peden, Aaron Lynch and Emily Hall.

In individual accomplishments, Cody Richardson was the Singles Junior Gold champion, placed second in the Doubles Junior Gold and placed third in the Handicaps Junior Gold at the A.I.M. Championship.

In the Alabama State portion, he was the Junior Gold Champion in Event 7 Singles and Event 9 Handicaps. He also was the High All Around for Class C. In the Southern Zone Portion he was the Singles Class C champion and the Handicaps Junior Gold champion.

In the A.I.M. portion, Jake Peden was the Handicaps Junior champion and placed second in Doubles and Singles. At state he was the champion for Event 5 Handicap, Event 7 Singles, Event 8 Doubles and Event 9 Handicap. He was also the High All Around in Class D and the Handicap Junior champion for Southern Zone.

Nathan Richardson placed second in Doubles Sub-Junior and third in Singles Sub-Junior and Handicaps Sub-Junior at the A.I.M. portion of the competition. He was also D Class champion at Alabama State in Event 4 Doubles, Event 7 Singles and Event 8 Doubles.

Emily Hall was Singles High Lady Junior champion and placed fifth in the Handicaps Junior For A.I.M. she also was the Alabama State Event 7 Singles C Class champion.

Abbey Hall was the Alabama State Event 7 Singles Lady 1 champion, shot her first 50 straight and placed second in the A.I.M. Handicaps Junior Gold.

David Lindsey was the Alabama State Event 8 Doubles Sub Junior champion and placed second in the A.I.M. Sub-Junior Handicaps.

Levi Baker placed second in the A.I.M. Sub-Junior Singles; Luke Peden placed third in the Alabama State Event 9 Handicaps; Layne McGuire placed third in the A.I.M. singles Pre-Sub; and Jackson Mitchell placed fifth in the A.I.M. singles.

Heidi Thomason, who was the youngest athlete there, also shot with another Pre-Sub team that emerged victorious and was the Pre-Sub Lady champion.