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July 2020 Land Transactions

July 1

Eddie Beason to Penny Mccleskey, Affidavit

Anthony Mckee to Dustin Simmons, Survivorship

Charlotte Willis to Sharon Hester, Power of Attorney

Charlotte Willis to James Denman, Survivorship

Thomas Williams to John Williams, Lease

Johnny Collum to Brittney Humphres, Warranty

July 2

Margaret Holden to Kenny Pounders, Survivorship

Tommy Glasgow to James Glasgow, Warranty

Tony Buckhalter to Jacob Harpe, Survivorship

Deborah Hatton to James King, Personal Representative

Deborah Hatton to Jonathan King, Personal Representative

Maxine King to Deborah Hatton, Power of Attorney

Chris Cooper to Taylor Heflin, Warranty

Abram Tidwell to Jovani Barrientos-Bailon, Survivorship

Amy Hester to Richie Hester, Power of Attorney

John Jones to Matthew Campbell, Warranty

Robert Summerhill to Robert Summerhill, Survivorship

July 6

Tamra James to Tomily Bourgoing, warranty

Joshua Thornton to Martha Thornton, Power of Attorney

Tamra James to Tamra James, Affidavit

Tamra James to Melissa Zak, Warranty

Buford Parker to Shirley Devore, Survivorship

Mickey Thorne to Mickey Thorne, Warranty

Sharon Fuller to Cesar Sop, Contract

Juana Gaspar to Michael Miller, Sale

Lauren Scott to Caley Farris, Affidavit

July 7

Paul Cleveland to Everett Williams, Executor’s

Aristedes Figueroa to Marbelio Bentancourt, Survivorship

Luis Ramirez to Alberto Francisco, Warranty

Gregory Parrish to Florentina Rabadan, Warranty

Louise Warhurst to Justin Warhurst, Survivorship

July 8

Alex Tidwell to Marco Velez-Serna, Survivorship

Andrew Woodward to Kevin Woodard, Warranty

David Ward, Manuel Cua, Contract

James David to Paul Michael, Warranty

Christopher Spain to David Rushing, Survivorship

July 13

James Davis to Raquel Paniagua, Contract

Page Housing LLC to B. Holcomb, Survivorship

Angeline Chamblee to Sewage Disposal Board of, Easement

City Council of Red Bay to Charlene Fancher, Ordinance

Douglas Ahrens to Howard Jackson, Survivorship

July 14

Debbie Harris to Debra Margadonna, Personal Representative

Phillip Fuller to Tyler Aaron, Warranty

Corey Jackson to Martin Francisco, Quit Claim

John Cook to Kreg Kennedy, Survivorship

John Williams to Annie Lehman, Warranty

Joe Mansell to Joshua Tabbert, Warranty

July 15

Tyler Morrow to Paul McCleskey, Survivorship

July 16

Gary Dalrymple to Franklin County Board, Covenants and Restrictions

July 17

John Mayfield to Melissa Mayfield, Survivorship

Bobby Sutton to Edgar Solano, Survivorship

Hershel Garrison to Michael Pittman, Survivorship

Stanley Hall to Stephen Hall, Warranty

Joyce Green to Joyce Green, Executor’s

Holly Williams to Galon Baker, Warranty

Jimmie Morrow to Billy Madden, Warranty

Joe Hester to Joe Hester, Warranty

July 20

Robin Sealey to Christine Sealey, Power of Attorney

Emily Baker to Blue Springs Fire Department, Warranty

Savannah Britnell to Savannah Britnell, Survivorship

Rebia Phillips to Zita Navarette, Warranty

Laura Quinn to Roy Cooley, Survivorship

Drewey Ergle to Dovie Ergle, Quit Claim

Leah McElmoyl to Warren Daniel, Affidavit

July 21

Terri Bell to James Brown, Survivorship

James Gist to Jacob Gist, Survivorship

Gain Evans to David Ingle, Warranty

Mark Mann to CB&S Bank, Warranty

Thomas Graham to Thomas Graham, Warranty

July 22

Betty Loveless to Linda Brown, Warranty

July 23

D Black to D Black, Affidavit

William Hyde to Steven Thompson, Warranty

Jose Gonzalez-Perez to State of Alabama Department, Affidavit

Randall Davis to Garrett Oberg, Warranty

Jose Sanchez to Roberto Lopez, Contract

Melissa Brown to David Ancel, Warranty

James Glasgow to James Glasgow, Survivorship

Ralton Baker to Tina Ergle, Warranty

Linda Coppock to Jose Tristan, Personal Representative

Pablo Santiago to Shannon Santiago, Quit Claim

Matthew Leduke to Billy Cummings, Affidavit

Donnie Raburn to Karie Raburn, Quit Claim

Frances Chambers to Ronald Bell, Survivorship

Lynn Roberts to Tony Horton, Warranty

July 24

John Thorn to Oldin Diaz, Warranty

Gabriel Graham to Herschel Graham, Warranty

July 27

Ellen Sibley to Andy Pham, Survivorship

Ronald Bell to Benji Braden, Warranty

George Harris to Amber Geislinger, Executor’s

Rhonda Cochran to A Sutherland, Affidavit

Joseph Mirro to Nicole Lenz, Survivorship

July 28

Jeffrey South to Jeffrey Harris, Warranty

Pascual Pedro to Martin Tomas, Warranty

James Davidson to Lisa Rushing, Warranty

Terry Bolton to Robbie Bolton, Warranty

Gregory Parrish to Maria Torres, Warranty

July 29

James Burcham to Jamie Parker, Warranty

Steve McCarthy to Steve McCarthy, Warranty

July 30

Toni Baker to Valley State Bank, Foreclosure

Melanie Malone to Carolyn Cabral, Warranty

Ada Kelly to Nathan Grissom, Warranty

Sherman Smith to Jonathan Barnes, Warranty

Michael Smith to Sarah Smith, Affidavit

Ray Fisher to Kaley Vandiver, Warranty

James Stidham to Roger Magoon, Warranty

Michael Miller to Jorge Hernandez, Warranty

Robert Hester to Roberto Lopez, Warranty

Larry Vickery to Jason Gann, Survivorship

Thomas Graham to Thomas Graham, Corrective

Laurie Harbin to Michael Lane, Warranty

July 31

Amanda Webb to Roger Cummings, Survivorship

W Cochran to Amy Hodge, Warranty

William Pharr to Alabama Power Company, Easement

William Colburn to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Bobby Parker to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Dylan Kastberg to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Terri Kennichell to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Betty Dill to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Mark Dill to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Stanley Gilliland to Jose Perez, Survivorship

Michael Askew to Larry Williams, Survivorship

Joe Murphy to Janet Miller, Survivorship

Joe Murphy to Amber Parris, Warranty


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