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University of Alabama names spring 2020 dean’s, president’s list students

A total of 16,470 students who were enrolled during the 2020 spring semester at The University of Alabama were named to the dean’s list with an academic record of 3.5 or above or the president’s list with an academic record of 4.0. A number of those hail from Franklin County

Making these prestigious lists from Franklin County are:

  • Dillon Rackard of Phil Campbell, dean’s list
  • Blake Whitten of Phil Campbell, dean’s list
  • Noah Williams of Phil Campbell, dean’s list
  • Caroline McRight of Red Bay, dean’s list
  • Trey Colburn of Russellville, dean’s list
  • Kelsey Montgomery of Russellville, dean’s list
  • John Morgan of Russellville, dean’s list
  • Kaitlin Nolen of Russellville, dean’s list
  • Mason Oliver of Russellville, dean’s list
  • Rachel Balding of Russellville, president’s list
  • Kurt Fink of Russellville, president’s list
  • Brock Malone of Russellville, president’s list
  • Andres Vargas of Russellville, president’s list
  • Jonathan Birmingham of Russellville, president’s list

The UA Dean’s and President’s lists recognize full-time undergraduate students.