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West Elementary School continues construction over summer break

As students receive a break for summer, work continues at West Elementary School as the school prepares to repair fire damage and continues work in replacing the existing roof.

Construction began on the roof at West earlier this year after excessive rain forced Russellville City Schools to prioritize to replace it. “The roof was 24 years old, and there were multiple areas leaking,” said RCS maintenance supervisor Alan Wilson.

Wilson said West will receive roughly 34,000 square feet of new roofing, which includes the second grade pod 2A and 2B, the cafeteria and the kitchen.

“The scheduled completion date is July 28, but we are ahead by a couple of weeks,” Wilson said.

Construction is also expected to begin soon to repair damage caused by a fire in the computer lab at WES in November. Those repairs will take place in the cafeteria, auditorium, computer lab, special needs classroom, nurse’s office, intervention teachers’ office and connecting hallways.

New ceilings and insulation will be installed, along with new LED lighting and new paint. The cafeteria will receive new entry doors at the front and rear, an updated fire monitor system and a new 40-ton HVAC system and duct work.

The computer lab will also receive a new HVAC, as well as new cabinets, computer tables and computers.

Wilson said bids were accepted on the project, and contracts have been signed. The contracts were sent to the Alabama Department of Finance in the Division of Building Construction for approval.

Once RCS receives a notice to proceed, a pre-construction meeting will launch the repair work. Wilson said he expects a letter of approval within the next couple of weeks.

“We are grateful for the attention our school district leaders have given toward the safety and maintenance of our school,” said West Elementary School Principal Deanna Hollimon. “We always want our students and employees to come to a facility that offers a safe and pleasant learning and teaching environment.”