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May 25 everyone was taking a rest from this busy time of year for a national holiday, Memorial Day 2020.  It was a day we should have all taken a moment to reflect back and say thank you to all the people in the armed forces for the great, great part they all played in securing the freedom we enjoy today.

So many lost their lives while in service to this county, and we certainly owe them a debt of gratitude.   

This year was quite different, since many places did not have big parades and a lot of cookouts did not take place.  This should not dampen our spirits. Let us be even more thankful.

A lot of folks from here in Franklin County lost their lives in all the wars that we have been engaged in. Let us certainly remember them and their families.

A good friend of mine who served in World War II told me that when war was declared, a lot of people did not wait to be drafted but volunteered for service. He told me that every day he would think about his family and friends, and he was so determined to come home.   

He also told me several occasions he really wondered if he would ever get back to Franklin County – but he did, and we are so thankful that he and so many others did get to return home.

I am so afraid that many of our younger generations have forgotten about the service and sacrifice that many have made. Please let us not take Memorial Day off from work as just a day to relax, cook out, watch TV or do other things normally done.

Let us all remember those who made a difference!