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TikTok gives young video-makers like Phil Campbell’s Kayden Headlee a way to get creative and entertain themselves – and their viewers.

TikTok entertains in time of coronavirus

With people across the state, nation and world finding new ways to wait out the coronavirus, some Franklin County folks are having fun watching and creating short-form videos on the free popular app TikTok.

Kayden Headlee, a Phil Campbell sixth-grader, describes it as a wonderful way for people to have fun while also staying home to observe social distancing. She said she enjoys the dance videos more than any others. “It helps keep me more active. I just finished learning ‘Captain Hook,’ and that’s a really fun one,” Headlee said. “I create videos, too. Some people go live for their videos, but I prefer just uploading them.”

Lola Mays, another Phil Campbell sixth-grader, also enjoys watching and making dance videos on the service. She said she likes comedy skits, point of view and how-to videos.

“Some of the ones that are popular right now are Savage, Chinese New Year and No Fear,” she said. “TikTok is all very creative, and you don’t have to be professional. You can just have fun with it. I like all the cool edits and effects and filters you can apply right in the app.”

The uses for the app range beyond entertainment, too. Anna Duncan, senior community development manager for the American Cancer Society of Northwest Alabama said from a non-profit standpoint, “utilizing all social media platforms is more important than ever. TikTok is a great way to share our mission with a whole new audience. I’m getting a tutorial from my daughter so we can begin using it here.”

For those feeling antsy about having to stay home so much, TikTok is one easy and free way to help stave off boredom by means of enjoying, creating and learning something new.