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Q&A with Victoria Strickland, RBHS softball senior

Q. How old were you when you started playing softball?

A. I started playing T-ball when I was 4 years old, and I have played since then

Q. Was there anyone special in your life that helped you become a great player, and how?

A. My parents played a big role in helping me become the player I am. They pushed me to keep playing even when I wanted to give up.

Q. How do you get ready for a game?

A. Besides warming up and stretching, I prepare for a game mentally by blocking out any negative thought that could keep me from playing the way I am supposed to play. I also take a minute to pray and ask God to help me to play good and to remind me I’m playing for the glory of God and not myself.

Q. What do you like to do when you are not involved with softball?

A. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I also enjoy being outside and going on walks and running.

Q. What factors do you feel have influenced you the most to become the player and person you are today?

A. Hard work and dedication. Also, the reminder that I’m doing this for the glory of God has made me the player I am today.

Q. Did you have any routines or superstitions before or in a game?

A. No superstitions.

Q. What is your favorite softball memory?

A. I don’t really have one favorite memory because they are all great. I loved making friendships with all the girls and also getting to do their hair before games.

Q. What softball player has influenced you most in the game? Why?

A. I don’t really have one.

Q. What is the greatest obstacle you have had to overcome in your playing career?

A. The greatest obstacle I have had to face was keeping a positive attitude and keeping my energy up even when we were losing or when things weren’t going well. You can still make a comeback.

Q. What is life after being a softball player for you?

A. It has been difficult. I’ve had to find new ways to stay active. It has also been good because I have more time to spend on other things.

Q. What are your thoughts on your season and career coming to an abrupt end?

A. It’s definitely sad and disappointing, especially thinking I had a lot of games left to play for my senior year and only getting such a short season.