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March 2020 Land Transactions

March 2

Carolton Black to Christopher Black, Executor’s

Patricia Cox to Franklin County Board of, Covenants and Restrictions

Mark Parrish to Greg Parrish, Survivorship

Wesley Lawrence to Wesley May, Survivorship

Talton Miller to Marta Tomas, Warranty

Talton Miller to Antonio Jose, Warranty

March 3

K&T Properties LLC to Chase Lindsey, Survivorship

William Clement to Roy Clement, Warranty

Cathy Fletcher to Cathy Fletcher, Warranty

Roger Bedford to Brent Robinson, Deed Trustee’s

Lee Adams to Franklin County Board of, Covenants and Restrictions

Jimmie Simpson to Billie Gandy, Circuit

March 4

Brenda Daniel to Colby Hester, Survivorship

Ricky Henson to Gerald Hester, Power of Attorney

Ricky Henson to Eric Arnett, Survivorship

Kimberly Melton to Evan Vincent, Warranty

Michael Sumerel to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Tonia St John to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Joshua Lawler to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Leonard Lassiter to United States of Amer, Trust Agreement

James Hutchcraft to Connie Boyington, Warranty

March 5

Elmer Hovater to KRW Properties, Warranty

Leann Durden to Joshua Pinkard, Survivorship

Thomas Williams to Lloyd Williams, Sale Contract

Delano Lawrence to Delano Lawrence, Warranty

March 6

Floyd Thorn to Milford Gentry, Warranty

Carl Baggett to John Baggett, Survivorship

Juan Torres to Wuilian Jiminez, Sale Contract

March 9

American Advisors Group to Singlesource Property, Power of Attorney

Alelandro Guerrero to Henry Martinez, Warranty

Amber West to Bryan Sutton, Warranty

March 10

Willie Ergle to Jenny Harris, Power of Attorney

Golden Tiger Properties to Jose Cortez, Warranty

Brad Knight to Working Tree Fram, Warranty

Pamela Nelson to Ma Nava, Survivorship

March 11

Patrick Wellington to Ramon Randolph, Survivorship

Chris Wallace to Greg McCain, Sale Contract

Martin-Aycock Properties to Greg Lane, Easement

Vic Poss to Lorenzo Arango, Warranty

Tammy Jackson to Emilio Gamarro, Survivorship

Kerry Gilbert to Armando Vela, Corrective

Nathan West to David Howell, Warranty

Veronica Fuentes to Patricia Juan, Sale Contract

Talton Miller to Patricia Juan, Warranty

March 12

Denise Allen to Christina Ramos, Sale Contract

Sharon Farned to Fred Harper, Warranty

Mark Bircheat to Franklin County Board of, Covenants and Restrictions

Jacob Springer to Jacob Springer, Affidavit

March 16

Joyce Uptain to Joseph Woodward, Warranty

Tabitha Hubbard to Jonathan Hubbard, Quit Claim

Marty Vandiver to Pablo Machic, Survivorship

Pamela Akins to Pamela Akins, Affidavit

Pamela Akins to Denise Bendall, Warranty

Steven Watts to Alexandria Mims, Warranty

Norma Perry to Norma Perry, Warranty

Regions Bank to Brandon Fairchild, Mineral

MERS to Midfirst Bank, Assignment

Eddie Beason to Shawn Jones, Affidavit

March 17

Austin Easterling to Benny Easterling, Warranty

Theodore Boyd to CB&S Bank, Foreclosure

Emily Seal to Emily Morrow, Warranty

Faye Oliver to Dennis Oliver, Power of Attorney

March 18

JBBR Inc to Juan Perez, Warranty

Michelle Ashley to Scott Ashley, Warranty

Jeffery Martin to Diane Martin, Quit Claim

Gregory Mills to Michael Mann, Warranty

Ronald Thorn to Andrea Knight, Survivorship

Glenda Cash to Rodney Knight, Executor’s

March 19

Gary Harris to Harold Hill, Survivorship

Michael Sandusky to Florencia Rodriguez, Survivorship

Douglas Bachuss to Robert Pistorius, Affidavit

Linda Graham to Brian Cooper, Warranty

James Cooper to Craig Cooper, Warranty

Kathleen Fisher to Jason Miller, Warranty

March 20

Robert Williams to Charles Hogan, Survivorship

Peggy Williams to Timothy Williams, Affidavit

Tim Maddox to Tanner Maddox, Survivorship

March 23

William Morrow to Denoderick Wilson, Contract

Alabama Housing Finance to Jeffery James, Survivorship

Ricky Brown to Jose Rosa, Survivorship

March 24

Melissa Knight to Sherrie Haynes, Warranty

Melissa Clemmons to Melissa Clemmons, Affidavit

March 25

William Lane to Justin Wimberley, Survivorship

John Pittman to James Welborn, Corrective

March 26

Dale Borden to Juan Pascual, Warranty

Vaclav Vyhlidal to Tim Sparkman, Survivorship

March 27

Joe Hutchins to Preston Burns, Survivorship

Ana Sagastume to Fredy Gonzalez, Survivorship

Teddy Cleveland to Tim Cleveland, Survivorship

March 30

Amy Scott to Dakota Mcalister, Affidavit

Ronda Hester to Jason Hester, Warranty

Hunter Jackson to Robert Morrison, Survivorship

American Advisors Group to Undrea Gonzalez, Warranty

Irene Delgado to David Lucas, Survivorship

Jason Mayfield to Christina Lopez, Warranty

Donna Borden to Michael Maycock, Warranty