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Ronnie McDowell celebrates 30 years playing in Russellville

Since beginning shows at the Historic Roxy Theater in 1990, Ronnie McDowell has spent a lot of time in Russellville. This year for his annual show, McDowell is celebrating his 70th birthday surrounded by fans at the Roxy March 21.

McDowell has performed at the Roxy for 30 years and said it never ceases to amaze him how much has changed in life in that time period.

“It is crazy to think that all that time has passed,” McDowell said. “People who started coming to see me in their 30s are in their 60s now. Time goes by so fast.”

McDowell said the Roxy is one of his favorite venues because, as a history buff, he especially enjoys performing in old theaters.

McDowell said the majority of people who attend his shows have been there supporting him the entire time he has been playing in Russellville.

Wanda Myrick, member of the Franklin County Arts Council and former president of the Ronnie McDowell Fan Club, said people enjoy coming from all areas for the chance to watch McDowell because of his talent and the enthusiasm he puts into shows.

“He has just been really beneficial for Russellville,” Myrick said.

Myrick said one of the things fans love the most about McDowell is how personable he is with audience members and how enjoyable he makes a show.

McDowell said although he performs songs he has written, he is not the traditional musician who just stands in front of the audience and performs because of how much fun he incorporates into the show.

“When people leave, I want it to be where, even if they aren’t quite sure what to think of me, they can still say they had a lot of fun,” McDowell said.

In addition to performing his songs, McDowell said his show will feature plenty of stories and dancing to keep audience members entertained the entire night.

“It isn’t about me; it’s about the audience,” McDowell said. “I just want this to be a show everyone can come out and enjoy.”

Opening acts for McDowell will be Joseph Baldwin and Jonathan Len. Tickets range from $15 to $30 and can be purchased at the Roxy.