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Franklin Living continues to astound

I am endlessly delighted with our latest issue of Franklin Living. Let me tell you why.

Because of the hefty time commitment involved in putting together our annual Progress edition, the March/April edition of Franklin Living always presents a challenge. Content must be planned and pursued for it concurrently with Progress, which means our attention is divided.

You’d like to think you could plan ahead, work out a few things in advance and space it all out neatly – but in community journalism, as in life, it’s difficult to get things to fall into a nice tidy schedule.

So I’ll confess: I usually get a little worried about the March/April issue. Where will we find time to chase down beautiful magazine features when we’re putting everything we’ve got into Progress? How can we possibly craft two publications with equal passion and attention to detail?

On top of that, there’s the challenge of the time of year itself. We’re working on content in January and February, while people are just getting back into the swing of their usual routines and schedules, finally recovering from the holiday season. Sometimes it can seem like the whole community is at the end of hibernation – about to wake to a glorious spring, but not there yet – and that can pose a challenge to lining up interviews and photo opps.

But this beautiful issue came together almost flawlessly.

It almost defies belief, how Franklin Living continues to exceed my own expectations month after month, year after year – and my expectations are none too low.

We are proud to bring you an excellent selection of stories about Franklin County people.

From Laura Kroeger and her career as a flight nurse, to Ralph Winchester and his status as Franklin County Cattleman of the Year, we’re putting the spotlight on people who make our community one of which we can all be proud. You’ll also read the stories of Will Stults, a performing songwriter from Russellville who is a guest columnist in the Franklin County Times, and Anna Carol Porter, whose desire to reconnect with old classmates and make a difference in the world drove her to launch a new civic-social group in Franklin County.

I know you’re going to have an appetite when you see the delicious recipes Cindy Coan and her talented students have put together for you in this issue. In addition, the Taste of Franklin features a student photographer – whose work I think you’ll find impressive. Food photography is a challenge for even seasoned photographers, and I think Christian nailed it.

For the latest faith and financial advice, Trae Durden and Emily Mays are giving you the full benefit of their experience and expertise. In the Education Corner, our local superintendents get you up-to-date on some of the goings-ons in Russellville City and Franklin County Schools.

You see? This magazine is just chock-full of excellent content to wake you up as we welcome spring. I hope you’ll enjoy every page as much as I have.