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February 2020 Land Transactions

Feb. 3

James Howard Thomas Jr. to Ralton F. Baker, administrator’s

Shawn Leroy Jones to CB&S Bank, foreclosure

Rosemary E. Johnston to Rebecca Freeman, power of attorney

Keyna N. Smith to Jimmy W. Smith, quit claim

Feb. 4

Kerry D. Gilbert to Armando Vela, survivorship

Paris Daniel Terry Jr. to Timothy Glenn Turner, survivorship

United States of America to Sarah J. Mayfield, quit claim

Janice M. Kiser to Cynthia Fowler, warranty

Cynthia Fowler to Dakota Lane McAlister, survivorship

Frances Bowling to Rebecca Jane Mitchell, warranty

Charlotte Bradford to Alabama Power Company, easement

MERS to Alabama Housing Finance, foreclosure

Arlon Glasgow to Alabama Power Company, easement

Thomas Gene Burcham to Clara Faye Burcham, power of attorney

Clara Faye Burcham to Thomas Gene Burcham, power of attorney

Feb. 5

Edward A. Blackburn to Edward A. Blackburn, quit claim

Charles W. Batchelor to Tyler Blake Childers, warranty

John Mayfield Jr. to Larry Morris, quit claim

Fredericka Hamilton to Fredericka Hamilton, personal representative

Fredericka Hamilton to Fredericka Hamilton, personal representative

Olyn D. Lacey to Debra R. Lacey, quit claim

Debra R. Lacey to Spencer W. Adams, warranty

Deanna Malone to Arelia Garcia Mendez, warranty

Feb. 6

Camp Creek and Reforestation to Tyler Morrow, warranty

Patricia Juan to Juan Francisco Martin, contract

Ladonna Still to Auburn University Foundation, personal representative

Feb. 7

Kenneth Harrison to David Ward, warranty

Jerry Scott to David Ward, quit claim

Mamie Sue Nelson to Meleah Huguley, power of attorney

John J. Heaps to Jana Branch, personal representative

Wendy Sutton to Steve Bradford, survivorship

Keith Burleson to Gregory Lucas, warranty

Feb. 18

Andy Porter to Inocenta Machic, Warranty

Jeremy Kimbrough to Roy Clement, Survivorship

Robert Emerson to Larry Emerson, Warranty

Roger Bedford to Larry Morris, Corrective

Feb. 19

Anthony Baker to Galon Baker, Warranty

Charles Hargett to Byron Murillo, Warranty

Charlsie Murphy to Joe Murphy, Warranty

Gary Lindsey to Adam Pharr, Warranty

Feb. 21

Pamela Green to John Starkey, Corrective

Quality Land and Timber to Peoplestrust Bank, Timber Agreement Assignment

Amy Suddith to Curtis Suddith, Survivorship

Maria Garcia to Maria Nataren, Survivorship

Feb. 24

Olivia King to Vivian Lee, Warranty

Elton Pace to Randy Lindsey, Conservator

Lisa Forman to April Warhurst, Warranty

Eddie Hicks to David Grissom, Warranty

Joel Hester to Denis Frederick, Warranty

Laura Streetman to Steve Streetman, Warranty

James Glass to David Dupre, Survivorship

Feb. 25

Allie Sutton to Roy Sutton, Affidavit

Jeff Mcalister to Caterpillar Financial Service, Affidavit

Charles Lesley to Gary Dobbs, Warranty

Odell Mcguire to John Gilbert, Warranty

Nathaniel Whitaker to Wells Fargo Bank, Foreclosure

Hildred Campbell to Charles Campbell, Administrator’s

Feb. 26

Jenny Batchelor to Jack Batchelor, Affidavit

Rena Reynolds to Rena Jackson, Quit Claim