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Annual Progress edition puts spotlight on Franklin’s finest

If you haven’t flipped through a copy of this year’s Progress publication, all we can say is – what are you waiting for?

Every year we look at “progress” from different angles in this annual special edition. This year, we dived deep into firefighting in Franklin County – from the beginning to now and to hopes for the future.

Did you know Franklin County has 14 fire departments – 13 of them volunteer? Within the pages of this issue, you’ll learn just a little bit about the history of each, from their origins to the challenges they have faced and continue to face in providing superior fire service to our communities.

Get the insider’s look at the importance of community support and the way your fire service impacts your homeowner’s insurance. Learn more about mutual aid and how are local departments are putting the fire fee to work to upgrade equipment and recruit new volunteers.

We enjoyed every minute we spent talking to our local fire chiefs and other fire personnel, and we hope this publication will open your eyes to the love they have for the communities they serve and the selfless passion they show with every minute on the job.

It takes a brave, self-sacrificing man or woman to step up and be a firefighter. It takes courage and commitment to haul a hose, extricate someone from the wreckage of their vehicle or do chest compressions and save a fellow citizen from a heart attack. We have many of those courageous men and women here in Franklin County, and we need more.

We hope this issue will inspire you to thank a firefighter or fire support personnel for the work they do in keeping our county safe.

Progress comes inserted in the Franklin County Times for all of our subscribers, but we have additional copies available at our office on Highway 43 – and bonus, they are free. So be sure you stop by and pick up one to read and maybe a few to share.