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Russellville welcomes “Frozen Jr.” to stage

Last week the weather was not the only thing to turn Frozen in Russellville, as the students of Russellville High School Musical Theatre presented “Frozen Jr.”

The show followed the traditional storyline fans are familiar with from the beloved Disney movie – with a few small twists.

Audience members were able to sing along to Olaf’s quirky humor in the song “In Summer,” and snow rained down on audience members as Queen Elsa performed “Let it Go.”

Russellville High School also featured “Frozen Jr.” as its first show with all digital backgrounds.

“Technology keeps changing and allowing us to do cooler and cooler stuff,” said RHS choral director Emily Rush.

Rush served as music director for the show, and Patrice Smith served as the director and choreographer.

Kaitlin Weeks and Amberly Brown played Elsa, and Madeline Cooper and Caroline Sparks played Anna. The roles of Anna and Elsa were double-cast, with actresses alternating shows.

Lily Cate Peck and Lakin Derrick served as the middle-age Elsa, and Emmy Green and Audrey Oliver played the middle-age Anna.

Maria Gonzalez and Collins Odom portrayed little Elsa, and Callie Odom and Layla Rush captured hearts as little Anna.

Jacob Davis and Joseph Franklin brought smiles to the audience as Kristoff and Sven, while Braden Bales shined as Olaf, and Avery Guinn captured the dark side of Prince Hans.

The show began Thursday and ran through Saturday night, with a final performance Monday for students. All money raised from the show is going toward additional choral performances later in the year.