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Bridal feature: Jake and Brittany Roberson – June 8, 2019



Brittany and Jake had known of each other from high school, but it wasn’t until college that their paths crossed. Brittany was about to go off to college to play volleyball, and Jake was attending UNA and fishing. Although they had little time to get to know each other, everything seemed to fall in to place. Jake asked Brittany on their first date July 11, 2014. They would not call it love at first sight – it was more of a long-lost best friend they never knew they were missing.


Brittany and Jake’s first date was all but perfect. She was helping coach a volleyball tournament and could not get home in time for his original plans to work, but this date was later made up by playing in the creek and riding four-wheelers up the mountain to see the sun set with friends.


Brittany loves how Jake makes her laugh all of the time. Jakes loves so many things about Brittany that he can not just choose one.

Their proposal was much like their first date: all but perfect. Jake had the day all planned out. He had invited his family to her family’s Christmas brunch, and he was planning on asking her in front of the entire family with a ornament shaped like an engagement ring – but the plan did not work. Jake was called out to work at 6 a.m. Christmas morning. So, he asked Brittany to marry him by waking her up off of the couch with a ring in his hand because he had to be on a train to Memphis in an hour. Even though his plans were messed up, Brittany would not have had it any other way.

The wedding was June 8, 2019, at 4 p.m. on a farm in Russellville, a small country wedding with their closest family and friends. Although they did not know if their original plan of having an outdoor wedding was going to happen – as the weather called for 100 percent chance of rain from Thursday until Saturday – everything worked out. As the bride and her bridal party left for the wedding venue, it was raining so hard they could barely see to drive, but once they neared the farm, the rain stopped. The Lord blessed the couple with a beautiful, sunny afternoon.


The couple’s most favorite moment of the wedding was finally being able to leave as husband and wife. After dating for five years, Brittany finally stole Jake’s last name.


Venue: Family farm

Catering: Stacie Oliver C and C

Wedding planner: Brandi Roberson

Florist: Tuscumbia Florist

Cake: Stacie Oliver C and C

Videographer: Ace Eaton Designs & Production

Photographer: Hester Photogaphy, Montana Kennedy Hester

Wedding dress: Cherry Tree Lane

Bridesmaid dresses: Juanita’s Fashions

Hair and make-up: Leigh Ann Douglas

Men’s attire: Juanita’s Fashions

Music: Nick Pearson

Rentals and décor: Party Pros