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Council discusses flooding issues

Flooding was the main issue of concern at Monday night’s Russellville City Council meeting, as Councilman David Palmer added two items to the agenda to discuss the city’s flooding issues.

The first issue Palmer brought up was flooding behind First Baptist Church in downtown.

“I know this is something we have tried to address in the past,” Palmer said.

Palmer made a motion for the council to employ a civil group to come up with a set of plans to help with the flooding issue behind the church. Upon the completion of these plans, they will be bid out.

This motion passed unanimously.

The next issue Palmer broached was the need for a flood study on the three major creeks that run through town: Garmin Branch, Pain Creek and Town Branch.

Palmer said he estimates the flood study will cost more than $100,000 but will save the city money in the long run by eliminating the need to pay for a flood study for multiple smaller areas.

Russellville Mayor David Grissom asked whether grant money might be available to pay for the study, but Palmer said grants can take about two years for a city to receive the money.

“Rain in this area over the past few years has been like something I’ve never seen before, and I have a feeling it is only going to get worse,” Palmer said. “Flooding is a real issue we need to fully address.”

Palmer said once a flood study is complete, grants are available to help with projects to fix flooding issues, but all of these grants would require a flood study before approval.

Palmer made a motion the city begin taking proposals for a flood study to be done on the three main creeks, and it also passed unanimously.

In addition to discussing flooding issues, the council renewed the city’s line of credit at CB&S Bank. This currently has a $0 balance, but Grissom said it is important to renew it in case there is ever a time when the line of credit is necessary.