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Jan. 16-31 Land Transactions

Jan. 16

King Street Properties to Cesar Barrera, Corrective

Diane Dean to Donald Finley, Administrator’s

Karl Pilati to Ronald Colburn, Survivorship

Corey Raney to Irene Raney, Warranty

David Reynolds to Jeremy Humphres, Warranty

Jan. 17

Barry Pounders to G & T McKinney Enterprise, Warranty

Barry Pounders to Daniel Wynn, Warranty

Jeanne Maggerise to Robert Maggerise, Power of Attorney

Barry Pounders to Robert Maggerise, Quit Claim

Barry Pounders to Robert Maggerise, Survivorship

Sharon Aday to Jonathan Aday, Warranty

Jerry Davis to Jerry Davis, Survivorship

Jerry Davis to Julia Davis, Warranty

John Purser to Elizabeth Hester, Power of Attorney

Danny Adams to Jason Adams, Warranty

Jan. 21

Uthell Bankston to Chris Bankston, Warranty

Jeannine Wooten to Jeannine Wooten, Quit Claim

Jessica Childers to Henry Wooten, Affidavit

Jeannine Wooten to Luke Childers, Survivorship

Judy Motes to Dale Borden, Survivorship

Ronald Colburn to James Mayer, Warranty

Floyd Hughes to Don Berry, Survivorship

Jan. 23

Doil Akins to Armando Torres-Mendoza, Warranty

Lester Taylor to Archie Boone, Survivorship

Edna Harris to Abisai Fernandez, Survivorship

Joseph Mansell to Joseph Puckett, Survivorship

Steve Higgins to Franklin County Board of, Covenants and Restrictions

Bernardo Jacobo to Daisy Jacobo, Quit Claim

Jonathan Borden to Holly Williams, Quit Claim

Jan. 24

Cynthia Trimble to Cynthia Trimble, Executor’s

Jonathan Cooper to Jason Green, Affidavit

Donald Wray to Tabatha Smith, Power of Attorney

Nicholas Haw to Talia Shimp, Survivorship

Jamie Harden to Heather Dooley, Warranty

Danny Vincent to Shane Holcomb, Warranty

Inocenta Machic to Andrea Machic, Warranty

Jan. 27

Rebecca Rogers to Rebecca Rogers, Quit Claim

Wilma Ghrigsby to Rebecca Rogers, Quit Claim

Travis Newell to Jimmy Garrison, Warranty

Eric Harris to Capitol One Bank, Affidavit

Theron Mckinney to Gary Lindsey, Warranty

Danny Williams to K and T properties, Affidavit

Jan. 28

Sarah Sibley to Adam Lesley, Quit Claim

Jan. 29

Michael Pennington to Justin Taylor, Survivorship

Terry Barksdale to Karen Nichols, Warranty

Verneese Holland to Joyce Miller, Power of Attorney

Betty Horton to Christy Davis, Warranty

Lawrence Newton to Ricky Garrison, Warranty

Jamie Parker to Hovater Properties, Contract

Kevin Scott to Virgil Scott, Survivorship

Jan. 30

Addie Grissom to Lee Adams, Corrective

Juan Domingo to Commonwealth Land Title, Affidavit

Community Spirit Bank to Tony Horton, Warranty

City of Red Bay to Tony Horton, Warranty

Michael Morrow to Tiffin Morrow Holdings, Warranty

Jan. 31

Candae Hamilton to Aaron Welch to Warranty

Eddy Landers to Barbara Murphy, Survivorship

Brian Higgins to Brian Higgins, Affidavit

Timothy Raper to Timothy Raper, Survivorship

Barry Pounders to Robert Elliott, Survivorship

Roger Taylor to Zachary Miskel, Survivorship

Zachary Miskel to Anna Miskel, Power of Attorney