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Phil Campbell comes together for HGTV

When word got out that Phil Campbell was submitting a video in hopes of being featured on HGTV’s new show “Hometown Takeover,” the community came together to spread the cheer and show why their town deserves a takeover.

Phil Campbell Mayor Steve Bell shot video of the town on his personal drone to include in the video to showcase areas in need of improvement.

“In the video you can see the majority of these buildings here in downtown have the roof caving in,” Bell said. “That is why most of these buildings are vacant. We would love if HGTV could help us with that.”

Community members turned out Saturday morning in Memorial Park to cheer for HGTV and send a message as Bell videoed with the drone.

“Ben and Erin, come help our town,” citizens said as they waved their signs in a message to “Hometown Takeover” hosts, Ben and Erin Napier.

Phil Campbell High School also got in the spirit Friday, as 500 people packed the gym for a pep rally to video and include in the submission tape.

“Our kids did great,” said Phil Campbell Principal Darit Riddle. “They were fired up at the pep rally and made signs. They were really excited because I think they recognized how great of an opportunity this is for the community.”