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Support our student-athletes, coaches

As the new year begins, basketball has center stage right now among high school sports, and this is primetime for on-the-court action in Franklin County with the return of the Franklin County Tournament.

The junior high division of the annual tourney wraps up Saturday, and varsity games tipoff Tuesday. We’d like to wish all the best to every player, on every team, across Franklin County.

These in-county tournaments are a time-honored tradition for all of our county teams, and we join all of you in taking pride in our Red Devils, Bobcats, Wildcats, Tigers, Golden Tigers, Rebels and Bulldogs. Win or lose, well done for all your hard work.

We hope you’ll make plans to attend one or more of these games. Whether your own child or grandchild is hitting the court or not, we can almost guarantee there will be someone you know – a friend’s son, a girl from your church, the great-nephew of your neighbor – who would love to hear you cheering them on.

You can get all the news on final scores and thrilling plays in our sports pages – turn over there this week for a recap of junior high action thus far and the full schedule for the varsity tourney.

We think all of our student-athletes, and their coaches, are to be commended for putting it all on the line for their schools. There are so many talented student-athletes here in Franklin County who never cease to amaze. If you know one of these dedicated young people, be sure to give them a pat on the back for a job well done.