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Homefolks U.S.A.

Hi folks,

To the readers of Homefolks U.S.A., I would like to say a big thank you for giving me a couple of weeks off. Sometimes we just need to clear the mind and get our thoughts together, and I have done just that.

The year 2019 was a good year, and I really hope and pray that 2020 will be even better.

When I try to think about the past year, a lot of questions come to mind. One is this: Have I made new friends?

Yes, I have. I try to make new friends every day, and I plan for them to continue in the coming year. I hope I have not made any enemies; if I have said or done anything that has caused that, I ask for forgiveness.

A lot of my friends passed away in 2019, and I am sure that will happen in 2020, but as Brother Charlie Britnell told me once, “Bobby, that’s part of living; we live and we pass on.” I know Brother Charlie feels that even more since he lost the love of his life, sweet Sue, this past year.

This year we will see a lot of changes thing place in our country.

Many people will ask for your vote in electing new people to leadership positions in our country and state.I hope we will think seriously about the part we will play as we all cast our votes.

It’s always good to see old friends, and that happened a few weeks ago when my good friend Charles Strickland paid me a visit.

We had a great time in sharing memories of days gone by and discussing the upcoming year. We laughed and talked about our days in school, and we teared up as we talked about those we loved who have passed away. I think we both felt better after our visit together.

A lot of activity took place in our city in the month of December. The Roxy Theater had huge crowds of people for the Christmas Spectacular. I feel sure 2020 will be even better.

It’s my hope that all the buildings will be filled with new businesses this year and that folks will appreciate and support our local merchants.

If we all work together, great things will happen, and everyone will benefit.

It’s always a real pleasure when readers of Homefolks U.S.A. make favorable remarks about our stories. We have many good stories from our readers in the coming year.

I want to thank the Franklin County Times for publishing Homefolks U.S.A. every week, ad we can see a real change for the better with each new edition.

Til next time,

Your friend,