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May your days be merry and bright

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

It’s the lyric from a popular holiday tune, but it’s also our sentiment for you, each of our readers, during this special season.

We hope you’re enjoying today surrounded by friends, family or both. May your Dec. 25 be filled with chestnuts on an open fire, sleigh bells jingling and ring-ting-tingling, boughs of holly, partridges in pear trees – whatever says Christmas to you! – and no Grinches or Scrooges of any sort.

As you are giving or receiving today, whether it’s the gift of a lifetime or a small token just to show you care, be filled with the joy of the holiday season and look for opportunities to help someone else’s days be merry and bright. The old year is passing away, and the new year is upon us. Don’t miss the chance to wave goodbye to 2019 with lightness in your heart, knowing you made the most of every moment left to you.

When we at the Franklin County Times think of our gifts, they aren’t just those wrapped up under the tree.

We think of the gift of serving such a great community, taking part in its events and efforts to grow and develop.

We enjoy the gift of being able to share the news of the day here in Franklin, whether that’s a school fire at West Elementary, the reopening of a popular tourism destination like Hodges Equestrian Park or a $40K grant for our county’s census efforts – those examples from just the past few weeks.

We’ve had the privilege of reporting this county’s news for the past (almost) 140 years, and that’s a gift we cherish far more than fuzzy socks, another tie or a nice sweater.

Thank you for that wonderful gift.

And to all a good night.