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Hi folks,

It’s Dec. 10 as I write this story for Homefolks U.S.A. The weather is a little chilly; the clouds have hidden the sunshine, and snow flurries – with a little bit of sleet – are falling.

It’s rather quiet around the business today. I guess the bad weather has kept folks in their warm houses. A few of my good friends have a paid a visit today, and one even made a purchase.

I am really not in a happy state of mind today, and I never am on the 10th day of December.

I received a text from Jennifer, my daughter, that made me feel a little better. She is not having a good day as well.

I received a call later in the day from Jennifer, and we had a rather long talk, and things seemed to be some better for the both of us.

Let’s go back in time to Dec. 10, 2015.

This day was about like today’s, weather-wise, except no snow or sleet. The sun was shining, but clouds were still present at times.

My small family was in the living room at our home on Cleveland Street in Florence – Jennifer, myself, my little dog Katie and my wife Mattie.

Eight months prior to this day, Mattie suffered a stroke from which she had never recovered. This morning we could tell she was quite different; she didn’t notice a lot that was taking place, her eyes looked a little different, and she was not moving about much in her hospital bed.

As the morning progressed, we could tell the end was drawing nigh.

Around noon Jennifer was holding her left hand, and I was holding her right hand, and no grip was present in either.

In a very short time we said our goodbyes as she passed from this life.

We honored most of her requests for the funeral service. She always requested a closed casket – we honored that. She said “Leave my wedding ring on” – we honored that. “Read the 23rd Psalm” – we honored that. “Just a graveside service” – Sorry Mattie, we had a full service. “Put me in the cloth-covered pine box” – Sorry Mattie, we just couldn’t do it.

I’m sure she was OK with our decision.

Thanks for the memories.

Thanks to the readers of Homefolks U.S.A. for allowing me to share my feelings with you this week.

Your friend,