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Hi folks,

This past Saturday, Dec. 7, was quite different than Dec. 7, 1941.

On that day the world was in for quite a shock when the planes from Japan started dropping the bombs on Pearl Harbor. It was a surprise attack, and many lives were lost that day – 2,335, to be exact, and 1,143 were wounded; 68 civilians were also killed.

We had a lot of people from Franklin County who served our country during World War II, and we also had many who never returned. We had several from our county who were buried at sea, and several from Franklin County were prisoners of war.

The sad part is hardly any of our young folks remember that part of our history, unless some of their family were involved in the war.

The Stone Plant in Rockwood is where shells were made for the war, and many of our people worked in that plant. Men and women from Franklin County made shells for that war.

In my collection is a shell that came from the plant.

When President Roosevelt declared a state of war, a lot of men did not wait to be drafted. They volunteered their service to defend our country.

I wonder what their rate of pay was per month for the excellent job they did an effort to keep our country free.

We all owe a debt of gratitude that we will never be able to pay for the service performed by everyone who took a part in WWII and other wars that have taken place since then.

The streets of our city have been decorated for the Christmas season, and the Roxy Theatre has really been drawing a huge crowd for the performances that are taking place there.

It seems our downtown is really coming alive, with many new business is opening every month. This is really needed, and I am thankful that buildings are beginning to fill up again.

The rumors circulating that a new restaurant is coming to Russellville on the south end of Jackson Avenue. I really hope this is true, and I really hope everyone will support our merchants in Russellville.

We really appreciate the folks who come in with their furniture needs. Bolton Furniture has served our county for 43 years. Last week we were honored to have sales for Haleyville and Florence.

We hope everyone has a very merry Christmas, safe holiday, good health and all the things that will bring happiness in the days that lie ahead.

God has blessed us well. Let’s never forget to give thanks every day that we have been blessed to enjoy.

Til next time,

Your friend,