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franklin county times

Dec. 1-15, 2019, Land Transactions

Dec. 2

Roger Bedford to Wesley Marshall, Deed Trustee’s

Jerry Anglin to Anglin Holdings LLC, Warranty

Shirley Turbyfill to David Turbyfill, Warranty

Greg Parrish to Joseph Mansell, Warranty

Red Bay Hospital to BCI Mississippi Broadband, Memorandum of Lease

Dec. 3

Mitchell Johns to Mitchell Johns, Survivorship

Arvie Rea to Larry Rea, Warranty

Jimmy Hines to Jimmy Hines, Easement

Laura Quinn to Shawn Hines, Warranty

Kyle Palmer to City of Red Bay, Easement

Jimmie Simpson to Linda Galloway, Warranty

Dec. 4

Kathern Overton to Michael Overton, Warranty

Timothy Guinn to Tommy Pennington, Survivorship

James Strickland to Chris Wallace, Clerk’s

Patricia Lane to Donna Lane, Quit Claim

Elva Jones to Tula Bates, Power of Attorney

Dec. 5

Mary Holland to Stanley Credille, Survivorship

Susan Schouest to William Trimble, Warranty

Dec. 6

Edna Harris to Michael Harris, Power of Attorney

Dale Borden to Dewonna Mashburn, Warranty

Maria Garcia to Luis Torres, Circuit

Eaner Grissom to Nancy Thornton, Survivorship

James Vandiver to Joseph Norton, Survivorship

Community Spirit Bank to Lizeth Villarreal, Warranty

Austin Easterling to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Second Creek LLC to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Debora Karr to Alabama Power Company, Easement

James Odom to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Yolanda Odom to Alabama Power Company, Easement

Leona Hargett to Jeffery Hargett, Warranty

Christina Mitchell to Christina Mitchell, Affidavit

Linda Benjamin to Virgil Patrick, Survivorship

Dec. 9

Anne Rogers to Regions Bank, Warranty

Sammy Taylor to A.R. Trapp, Affidavit

Dec. 10

Roger Bedford to Athel Hargett, Deed Trustee’s

Donald Hall to CB&S Bank, Foreclosure

Mary Cummings to Rodney Cummings, Warranty

Darren Woodruff to Fredi Martinez, Survivorship

Dec. 11

Ada Kelly to Garnett Estates Homeowner, Covenants and Restrictions

Dec. 12

Larry Williams to Araceli Miranda, Warranty

Shelia Cushley to William Welch, Power of Attorney

Massey Creek LLC to Foothills Land Conservancy, Easement

H McCarley to Joel McCarley, Warranty

H McCarley to Jerry McCarley, Warranty

H McCarley to James McCarley, Warranty

Judy Godsey to Matthew Reed, Affidavit

Dec. 13

Bradley Bolton to Harriet Bostick, Warranty

J. Gasaway to Tony Gasaway, Warranty

John Strickland to Russell Kimball, Survivorship

Jerry Oden to Sherry Oden, Administrators

Nelda Cooper to Nelda Whitlock, Survivorship

Dennis Davis to Jason Davis, Survivorship

Scott Alexander to Barry McAfee, Survivorship

Scott Alexander to Austin McAfee, Warranty

Scott Alexander to Brandon McCleese, Warranty