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Hi folks,

For many years I have collected a lot of “stuff,” and parting with it is really hard.

A picture of President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the “Little White House” is one of my favorites. It is called the unfinished photo, because while the artist was painting it, the president fell dead, but the artist remembered how well he looked, and from his memory he finished the photo.

I still have this framed print, because it really tells a story.

The Franklin County Courthouse before it burned is another picture I really enjoy. Earl Kimbrough, a Franklin County native, painted this.

A postcard of President Roosevelt signing the Social Security Act is another one of my favorites. The back of the postcard is signed by his son, Jim Roosevelt.

Many people have offered to buy this one, but I have decided to keep it. It tells a story – especially on the third Wednesday of every month, when I receive my Social Security check.

I have a pair of Liberty overalls, size 60, given to me from my friend Mr. Wayne Parker. I’ve got to keep these because they really tell a story, too. Every time I notice these, I think of Wayne and the many good times we shared together.

Two bar stools from Kent’s Café are among my many prized possessions. Many years ago a person offered me a hundred dollars each for these. I refused to sell them, but I think I made a mistake.

My late wife Mattie told me, “That’s when two fools meet: the one who offered to buy and the one who refused to sell.” I think she might have been right in making that statement.

Mattie would say, “It’s just stuff gathering dust.” She was probably right in that statement as well.

A beautiful picture of Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, has been a real treasure I have kept for many years. I had the print framed many years ago. A lot of Cubs fan have marveled over the beauty of this picture, and several have offered to buy it.

I feel a little sad tonight as I write this story because a buddy from Cedar Bluff, Georgia, carried it out of the store today. It’s going to be hanging in his “man cave” in his home in Cedar Bluff – a new home for this treasure.

A lot of my collectibles would make nice Christmas gifts. Shop with us while I am in the “selling mood.”

Till next time,

Your friend,