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Why I Love Franklin County: Lisa Stockton


Lisa Stockton was the director of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce for nine years. Now an employee of the Alabama Department of Commerce in the Alabama Industrial Development Training office, the mother of three and wife of Tim Stockton is a graduate of Hackleburg High School and attended Northwest-Shoals Community College. A resident of Russellville, she has lived in Franklin County almost 40 years.

1. Introduce your family.

I am married to Tim Stockton, who works for Proteico Consulting Group. We have three sons: Jason, Matt and Casey. Our oldest son Jason is the farmer in the family and also has cows. He is married to Laura Stockton, who is the librarian at Tharptown Elementary School. Our middle son Matt is a teacher and coach at Pleasant Grove High School. He is married to Kristin Stockton, who is the assistant manager of Aveda. Our youngest son Casey passed away in December 2012. We have four wonderful grandchildren.

2. Share a little bit about your background.

Lots of people in Franklin County still remember me from when I worked at the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce. I worked at the Chamber for 12 years, and nine of those years were spent as the director of the Chamber. I loved the time I had at the Chamber, and one of proudest accomplishments while there was the Junior Leadership Program that is still going strong today. I still see so many of the kids I had in those classes, and it is wonderful to see the accomplishments in their lives as young adults.

3. What is your job title, and what does your work involve?

My current position is the facilities administrator at the Alabama Robotics Technology Park located in Tanner. The RTP trains individuals who are employed by manufacturing companies across the state in robotics, plc’s, welding and safety. I love my job! I get to see firsthand many of the new companies that are coming into our state and the positive impact they make in people’s lives as they are hired by these companies. We have been extra busy this year with the announcement of Mazda Toyota coming to Alabama.

4. What do you enjoy about your job?

I love working with people, and I love working with AIDT! I worked a lot with AIDT when I was at the Chamber office and got to know many of the people who worked there. When they opened up an office in the Shoals, I applied and was hired. I worked for three years with them on the railcar project and then came to work at the Robotic Park about nine years ago. It’s exciting to see all the new industries that are now making Alabama home, and no day at work is exactly the same!  We work with such diverse groups of people at AIDT, and  I love working in economic development.

5. What is your favorite place to visit in Franklin County?

I actually have two places in the Franklin County: Red Bay is one of my favorite places to visit because I love the people there. If you look in the dictionary for a description and picture of small town America, you will find a picture of Red Bay. They have so much to offer with the museum, the wonderful plays, the shops and the industries. It is one of my favorite towns! My other favorite place is the lakes. This was my son Casey’s favorite place in the world, so it will always be special to me. He loved to fish, and Cedar Creek Lake was one of his favorites. We are blessed to have the lakes, and we have so many visitors who come to Franklin County just for the fishing and natural beauty.

6. What is your favorite Franklin County restaurant, and what do you like about it?

I have to say that Frosty Inn is one of the Stockton family’s favorite places to eat at! Our grandkids love it, and our son Matt, who lives in Birmingham, almost always has to have a Frosty Inn Big Cheeseburger before he goes home after a visit. It really is a Franklin County icon! My favorite thing at Frosty Inn after the cheeseburgers is the Fruit Flurry. It is the best!

7. Why do you love Franklin County?

The biggest asset our county has is the people that call our county home – always has been, always will be. We have some of the finest people in the world living in our county, and it is the reason it is a great place to call home! I love people, and it was always my favorite part about working at the Chamber; meeting and being around all the wonderful people I came in contact with every day was the best part of the job.

Fast Five

1. Favorite hobby: Traveling

2. Favorite food: Anything caramel

3. Goal or ambition: To be able to retire soon and travel with my hubby

4. Church: First Baptist Russellville

5. Something people might not know about me is: My husband and I are goat farmers!  We currently have about 20 pygmy goats. They are the best pets ever.